NRG Dizzy Eliminates His Apex Legends Squad. Blames Food.

NRG Dizzy Eliminates His Apex Legends Squad. Blames Food.

In one of the rarest moments in NRG Dizzy’s Apex Legends career, viewers saw him eliminate his entire squad during a recent stream on Twitch. His reason? Food.

NRG Dizzy – The New Kid on the Block

If you play Apex Legends, then NRG Dizzy is a name you need to know about.  He’s taken the community by storm, becoming the first player to reach level 100 with only 3 days played. To most of us that seems impossible, to Dizzy it’s just another day. We can’t even fathom how much he played to get that, but also, Dizzy accumulates points like no ones business.

Thus, his level increases won’t be the same to an average player.

Needless to say, Dizzy was picked up by esports organization, NRG. A slick move from a top esports team, NRG Dizzy has been making headway in the game. He’s bested everyone at the first Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge, and showed us all that he’s the king of of Apex Legends.

The King Has Fallen? NRG Dizzy Eliminates His Squad

During one of NRG Dizzy’s recent Twitch streams, fans experienced something incredibly rare. Something that’s probably never been seen before. Like a solar eclipse, or seeing the Northern Lights. Viewers saw NRG Dizzy finish in 20th place, dead last. Not only that, they saw NRG Dizzy eliminates his whole squad. How could this happen? What was the reason for this?


NRG Dizzy said he was eating and that he was aiming down and held “W” on his keyboard. His teammates were left flabbergasted. They were silent and then Dizzy said,

“I’m not being Jumpmaster no more”.

His teammates started laughing as they were still surprised that one of the best players in Apex Legends was able to eliminate the entire squad. Dizzy said he has never done that before, so this is truly the first and as rare as seeing a solar eclipse. It probably will never happen again, unless Dizzy wants to put the blame on what he was eating again.

One thing for sure is that we will probably never, ever see this ending screen again with Dizzy’s name on it.

NRG Dizzy 20th Place Apex Legends Last No Kills Eliminated Loss Eliminates

Oddly, NRG Dizzy still managed to last the longest out of his whole team. Even when he finishes last place, falls on the side of the cliff, still comes out with a stat greater than his teammates. Unreal.

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