More Apex Legends Updates? Respawn Looking to Make A Comeback

More Apex Legends Updates Respawn Looking to Make A Comeback

Apex Legends players from far and wide know that Respawn hasn’t done a good job communicating with their user base. However, Respawn was treading lightly and making sure they wouldn’t say things that they couldn’t follow up on. With the wave of recent updates, is this a sign that Apex Legends will be making a comeback?

More Apex Legends Updates Update 5.10

On the officla EA blog, Respawn came out with another update, this time going over their issues in the past months. This was update 5.10, and Respawn were going over the slow server performance at the beginning of March, as well as the audio issues, hit registration and cheaters. Although this sounds like many issues, Respawn seems to have tackled most of them. And updating the community about these issues is also a great start to a healthy relationship with its users. Let’s see what they’ve updated.

Hit Registration

Players were uploading Apex Legends clips of faulty hit registration in-game. Players were extremely frustrated as they would report losing matches and gun battles that they should’ve won. Respawn stated that they’ve been trying to reproduce this issue through their testing, and found that “many cases of incorrect hit registration, mostly related to mismatches between the way the game client and server pose characters in their animations, but also caused by various other factors“. They said that with an upcoming patch, it should be able to fix this.

Additionally, they mentioned that this won’t fix everything as they still have a lot of testing to do in front of them in order to correct the issue once and for all. The game is not perfect, and the fact that Respawn clearly states that they will continue working on getting the hit registration right means they’re serious about the longevity of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Audio Issues

Over the past few months, there has been an abundance of news related to audio issues in game. Fans even contacted Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment about the issue.


Respawn has stated that they’ve confirmed there are two audio issues in their testing. There’s an overall audio issue where sounds drop, stutter or become distorted. Additionally, they’ve narrowed the other audio issue down to the footstep sounds which is a pivotal part of the game (and any game really). Most of their findings have been through the help of the community submitting videos of the audio issues, which Respawn encourages the community to continue to do. The next patch should solve this issue.

AFK Apex Legends Players

The community has been reporting an increase in AFK (away from keyboard) players; players who drop in the game but don’t move/pick up a weapon/fire a shot/ don’t deal any type of damage. After further investigation, Respawn Entertainment has determined that there are a great number of matches that deal with this type of behavior. What they’ve decided to do is as a temporary ban for players that are AFK, or in their words, “piggy-back”. In extreme cases, multiple infractions will enable a permanent ban.


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