Viewer Calls Out Mendokusaii. Says He’s “Condescending” to Followers

Viewer Calls Out Mendokusaii. Says He's Condescending to Followers

During one of Mendokusaii’s Apex Legends streams, one viewer called him out for being condescending to his viewers. This is his response.

Understanding Mendokusaii’s Stream

Most of Mendokusaii’s 315k Twitch followers watch his videos because they enjoy watching him swear and tear into them, all in a jokingly manner. Mendokusaii isn’t like this all the time. When his teammate doesn’t do well, he doesn’t rip into them, rather saying “good game“. But other times, Mendokusaii likes to have fun and mess around.

However, one viewer didn’t like Mendokusaii’s tone and the way he speaks to his viewers. That’s when the viewer write in the comment section:

“Do you think you should be condescending to the people who pay your bills?”

This triggered the streamer to give a response in an agitated way.

Mendokusaii’s Response

After Mendokusaii read the comment, he lashed out at the viewer by giving his thought.

“Dude, if you don’t understand my stream, get the **** out of my stream. My stream is literally 80% of me calling my subscribers stupid, calling my viewers dumbasses. Calling everyone inn my stream bad. Just ****ing around and having fun. If you get offended of those things you shouldn’t be here that’s it. You shouldn’t be watching me if you don’t enjoy the content because I’m just a guy, having fun doing what I do. If you don’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t be here. I don’t want you here.”

It also seems that Mendokusaii wanted to take a shot at Ninja by saying this.

“I’m not here to be ****ing Ninja and babysit.”

Mendo might have been suggesting that viewers who weren’t happy with his content can go to a “general” labeled stream like Ninja where he doesn’t interact with his audience in a harsh manner. Although Mendokusaii wasn’t wrong by suggesting viewers who are happy with his content can go somewhere else, but maybe he could have said it in a more polite way, however, up-keeping his persona that he uses on his stream.

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