Leaked Players for Apex Legends – Possible Update?

Leaked Players for Apex Legends - Possible Update
Image source: EA

New Apex Legends characters have been leaked via Reddit and Intel Channels. There’s possibly 11 new characters. Dataminers have uncovered 11 names which were thought at first to be new weapons, but are now believe to be playable characters in the future. Here’s what the Leaked Players for Apex Legends characters might possibly do.

Leaked Players for Apex Legends – Possible Update?

There were eleven names that were pulled by dataminers in the Apex Legends Code. At first, many speculated that these might be weapons, however, many believe now that these are the names of the Apex Legends characters. The names are Crypto, Skunner, Rosie, Prophet, Rampart, Husaria, Nomad, Jericho, Octane, Wattson and Blackout. The current game only has 8 players, two which need to be unlocked either via Apex Coins / Apex Tokens or buy playing a lot and gaining Apex tokens.

Interestingly enough, the current characters are a telltale sign of what we can expect with the new characters, as the current character names kind of allude to what they do. So for example, Bloodhound tracks people down (like a dog, hence the name). Lifeline heals people, giving them a “lifeline”. The names of the characters corresponds to what they do. With that in mind, we can assume what the new Leaked Players for Apex Legends might possibly do.

What does the Character Screen Tell us?
Apex Legends Leaked Players Room for Spots in Title Screen
Image source: EA

Looking at the character screen is quite interesting. It only makes sense that more characters will be added as there’s a lot of space on the screen itself as shown above. Almost every Battle Royale game has new characters introduced in new seasons. If we take a look at the screen, it gives us a hint of what we can see. At the bottom, Respawn Entertainment has the possibility of adding fourteen more character spots. At the top, they can add six more spots.

Apex Legends Players Leaked New Characters Update
Image source: EA

This is taking into consideration that the character spots don’t interfere with the character animation on the right.  If this holds true, then there’s room for 20 new characters. With eleven already mentioned, will there perhaps be 9 more Apex Legends “Legends” coming out way? In the meantime, let’s have a look at the names that have been leaked in the Apex Legends code and what they possibly could bring to the take. Here’s what the Leaked Players for Apex Legends might do.

Apex Legends Leaked Names

The first name is Crypto. Most are familiar with Crypto due to the growth of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, looking at the defintion brings out two words. Secret and hidden. Some gamers are suspecting this character to have “hacking-type” abilities.  be a hacker type. But with the words “secret” and “hidden” in play, this character could be a spin-off of Wraith, who roams around the map in stealth mode. Perhaps Crypto could imitate squad members for a brief time, thus confusing the other team. It’s all speculation.


The Word reference forums state that Skunner or scunner is apparently Scottish for a strong aversion or dislike.” It seems this character might be Scottish as the word originates from Scotland. But given the definition, it’s hard to come up with an ability. Perhaps he’s a character where the name doesn’t exactly transcribes to an action.


Rosie could be tied with “Rosie the Riveter”, which is a cultural icon of WWII. Basically, representing women who worked in factories and shipyards during WWII. These women produced ammunition and war supplies. So perhaps she is either a character who provides ammunition to her squad. Or perhaps she build things, maybe a mobile weapon that she can plant somewhere on the map.


Prophet is self-explanatory, as this character may be a spin-off of Bloodhound. Bloodhound doesn’t predict where the enemy is located as he has a seeking ability to show if enemies are nearby. However, Prophet would be predicting something, possibly locating good items or where enemies are at on the map at a distance. They might have an ability that they can increase the chance of getting good loot for users by seeing the high tier loot locations on the map. This character may even go as far as predicting where “Gold” items are located.


Rampart is another character that is self-explanatory. Perhaps his ability would be to build “walls” or some sort of “fort”. His actions would be to protect his squad in tight enemy battles. He might also provide some sort of barricade-type mechanism. Since there’s already a “Dome of Protection” from Gibralter, maybe he might have a smaller shield which points in one direction and teammates can shoot through it. Enemies might even be able to shoot down the shield, unlike the “Dome of Protection”.


The name comes from the “Polish Hussars”, in which Wikipedia says “were one of the main types of the cavalry in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between the 16th and 18th centuries.” This is really the only reference of the name. Perhaps Husaria would offer a type of transport that would allow his squad from escaping intense battles. Or, perhaps he would provide increased armor for his squad, as the Polish Hussars transformed into heavy armored shock cavalry in the 16th Century.


The name hints at movement. Also could mean fighting alone without teammates. Nomad could also mean the character could carry more supplies, or can spot where there are health supplies near by. It’s uncertain exactly how Respawn Entertainment might use this character.


Jericho is one of those characters where it’s hard to assume what they might be able to do. Some rumors around the web has stated that Jericho might be Mirage’s brother, however, it’s really up in the air at this point.


This character can be a spin-off of Caustic, as Octane is a flammable. Perhaps Octane will have special abilities to cause damage, in the form of fire. As Caustic is to toxic gas, Octane is to fire. Octane might have a Molotov cocktail as part of his abilities. A Molotov cocktail is a bomb made of a bottle filled with a flammable liquid and a cloth inserted into the bottle.


Although Wattson could mean many things, perhaps this character is related to energy. Would the energy be something that he would distribute to his squad to re-energize armor? Or could he possibly cause damage with energy bolts?


Blackout probably has to do with disabling enemies abilities for a short period, or glitching their equipment. Maybe this character jams enemies squads like the EMP did in Call of Duty games. Blackout would be a great utility in the game. Perhaps enemies would have a fuzzy screen, or their red dots would be disabled as the EMP did in CoD.

These are all the different characters leaked. There will be more stay tuned for more updates.

Leaked Players for Apex Legends characters
Image source: EA

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