How To Switch Weapons Faster In Apex Legends

Switch Weapons Faster In Apex Legends
  • Here is a simple trick on how to swap weapons faster in Apex Legends using crouch and weapon swap keys

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a brand new player, weapon swapping is vital for close encounter gunfights. Apex Legends does not offer any type of in-game perk like CoD does, for players to swap items faster. If a player is rocking an SMG without an extended mag, the clip empties in under 3 seconds. However, there is a technique that is proven to help swap guns faster giving any caliber player a huge advantage.

Gun Swapping Technique 

The following technique was found out by Reddit u/ManishBH73. He shows that if you can sync crouch and swap weapon keys at the same time you switch weapons much faster. It requires a little bit of practice but it is still fairly easier than bunny hoping. Here is the video.

Pro Tip: You can switch weapons faster if you quickly crouch between the animation from apexlegends

The video shows a very visible difference in how much faster it is when switching weapons. Although this technique is primarily intended for PC players as button bindings for controller players make it almost impossible.

There is no doubt that even the smallest difference like fast swap in a fight gives players a huge advantage in late games when almost all players are equipped with colored body armor. It also depends on what players’ weapons of choice is. Although best for SMGs, you can also combine it with Wingman and Peacekeeper or Spitfire and Devotion.

In other news, there are still no updates on the next Season 4. Early leaks were wrong when stating Feb 4th as the release date, which would mark a 1 year anniversary of Apex Legends.

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