How To Level Up Faster In Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends Level Up XP

In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to level up faster in Apex Legends Battle Pass system and Respawn Entertainments Battle Pass philosophy.

Players Complain About Leveling Up Time

Apex Legends Battle Pass Wild Frontier

With the recent release of Season 1 for Apex Legends, the reviews by the community have been harsh. Players complained about bland character skins and weak weapon colors with the Battle Pass.

The second complaint by the community is that leveling up takes a lot of time. Some players who use Reddit to voice their opinion have stated that they’ve only moved up a few levels in a day. Others are stating that the grind is not worth the effort due to the amount of experience points needed to unlock each reward.

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Respawn Entertainments Response
Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends Studio

Leeeeeee-RSPN from Respawn has provided a statement on the main Apex Legends blog. Their philosophy on Battle Pass Season 1 is to keep players focused on the game experience itself while earning awesome loot. Adding quests and challenges to the game would deter players from just playing and learning the game.

There’s also a focus on playing each legend because as Leeeeeee-RSPN mentioned. True mastery in Apex Legends is the ability to play any legend in any scenario. To help with this, Respawn has provided an XP cap on each legend at 25,000 XP per week. This is to encourage the use of new legends to help level up faster.

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Methods To Level Up Rewards Faster

Here are the methods to level up faster:

1). Grind Long Hours

Apex Legends Battle Pass Level 100

Simply put, if you’re gaming 6+ hours a day whether it’s after school or work, you’re going to level up much faster then if you’re playing 1-2 hours a day. A lot of Apex Legends players on Reddit who have complained are indeed not playing enough hours in a day to level up fast enough. Once you reach level 100, you have additional bonus rewards that you unlock at level 110. One is the Wilf Frontier animated badge. The other is the havoc skin challenges which you can unlock in game with 3 challenges, 1 kill, 3 kills, and 5 kills. All will unlock the gold skin.

2). Finish Top 3

Apex Legends Battle Pass XP Breakdown

Surving long enough in a match to finish Top 3 will add lots of extra experience points let alone winning the match and being a champion. This weighs heavily on how good you are and how long you’ve played the game. Are you always playing in a party that gives you the advantage over other squads or are you always playing with random gamers. Repitition is the key to mastery.

3). Master Each Legend

Apex Legend Battle Pass Legend XP Bonus

On Apex Legends official blog, it was mentioned by Leeeeeee-RSPN that you can level up by mastering each legend. You’ll redeem 25,000 experience points that is capped on each legend per week. If you want to level up quicker start using new legends. You’re able to tell how much each legend has left of XP if you look at the top right of your screen on the main legend page.

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