How To Improve Your Aim At Apex Legends

How to improve your aim at Apex Legends
  • Want to improve the way you play Apex Legends? Here are 5 Apex Legends Tips to improve your Aim that you can practice in-game. 

Apex Legends is by far the most popular game in the world having surpassed 50 million players in its first month. With Apex Legends season 1 comes new additions and meta but there is one thing that doesn’t change, kills for XP. If you are not happy with your KD, there are some simple tips to work on to improve your aim.

How to improve your Aim at Apex Legends

The following drills take 10 to 15 minutes a day and are guaranteed to improve your aim. These drills will improve mouse control and motor skills.

Muscle Memory

Apex Legends Muscle Memory

Before jumping into the drills, the most importing thing to understand is your motor skills such as hand-eye coordination is the holy grail. You are trying to improve muscle memory which leads to better aim.

The more your brain understands how something works the more your motor skills kick in and hand-eye becomes a much more fluid movement. For example, when you first started using a computer you had to look at the keyboard to try to find the letters. But as time went by, you developed a natural instinct where to find each key. Aim is the exact same concept, you have to react without thinking. The average person takes 30-40 milliseconds to understand what they are looking at. However for a competitive video gamer, the number drops to 20 ms.

For your body to process this information you generally need another 60-70 milliseconds. The goal is to improve your reaction time and aim will come.

Reaction Training 

How to improve your aim at Apex Legends? We have compiled 5 key exercises. 4 of them can be done directly in Apex Legends, while the last one, we recommend a website called aim400kg. The website offers many interesting training methods to improve reaction time. You can start with basic training and work your way up to more complex ones. The best thing about this website is they keep your scores saved.

Lets now jump into in-game Apex Legends training exercises. Each exercise includes a short video.

Target Following

The majority of these exercises require you to be in the training ground. There are moving targets in training ground, find them and choose a location where you have a complete horizontal visual with no obstructions.

The goal is to try and keep the reticle in the middle of the target all the way across its path. If your reticle seems to always be ahead of the target, it means your sensitivity is too high. Believe it or not many pros actually use lower ADS sensitivity so that they can as precise as possible.

Flick Shotting

To complete this exercise, you need to go into the middle of the training ground. Stand in the middle of the 6 targets. Your main goal is to look between these targets, take aim and shoot the left 3 heads as fast as you can. Of course, in the beginning, you will be slow. Afterward, move to the right 3 heads. Between each shot, you need to recenter your gun to where you started. Try to do these 5 times each day. As time passes by you will realize you can easily flick shot your opponents.

Target Acquiring

This training requires you to try to aim, with as much as precision, to all the targets in the training ground. Aim one by one, then return to your starting point. If your reticle is too ahead and cannot acquire the target fast you need to lower your sensitivity. Afterward, start choosing random targets from various distances. This will greatly improve your muscle memory.


A player’s movement is very underrated but extremely important to improve aim. Movement training is very simple as all you need is to parkour the training area. Just try to run and cover the distance as fast as you can and understand your character’s movements. Your Legends abilities also can change greatly how you move so we recommend doing this exercise with your favorite legend. Remember all Legends have the same speed as only animations different.


Well, there you have it. At the end of the day, it depends mostly on how much you are working on your aim. Apex Legends is a game where you need many bullets to eliminate your opponent. However, with these training techniques, you can improve your aim and get more wins. Remember either you get them or they get you!

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