How to Fix Apex Legends Frame Rate and Video Options

How to Fix Apex Legends Frame Rate and Video Settings Adjust Control PC

Apex Legends console players have it easier than PC players when it comes to frame rate and video options. For console players, they can optimize their gaming monitor and just worry about their internet connection. However, PC gamers need manual tweaking and a few tools to get the best experience from Apex Legends. Here’s how to fix Apex Legends frame rate and video options.

How to Fix Apex Legends Frame Rate and Video Options

Frame rate is very important in online gaming. The frame rate is measured by frames per second (FPS). If the FPS is too low, the gameplay will take a major hit. If your FPS is too high, you will get screen tearing which will make the gameplay look like it’s lagging (depending on how you configure your settings).

For Apex Legends on the PC, there’s no option to change the refresh rate. It will require some manual work from the gamer’s end to fix this issue. Here’s how to fix Apex Legends frame rate and video options.

Apex Legends Frame Rate and Video Options

Gamers on the PC realized that they can only change the resolution in-game, but not the refresh rate. The way Apex Legends is setup is that it will use whatever you’ve set for the monitor inside the display options in windows. It will also do the with whatever is set in the configurations software that comes with the driver of your graphics cards. In order to align things properly, you’ll need to check your PC monitor. If you have a high refresh rate monitor, then you want to make sure that you have the highest available rate selected in the monitor settings as shown below.

How to fix Apex Legends Monitor Settings Frame Rate Video

Disable Vsync or Enable?

To disable or keep Vsync depends on what you want to do. For example, gamers who play CS:GO will never enable Vsync. If you are the kind of gamer who disables  Vsyncs so that you can play at frame rates higher than your displays refresh rate, then you will notice that your frame rate is not unlocked after you disabled v-sync in Apex Legends.

But keep in mind, disabling Vsync decreases input lag and makes tearing less intrusive. To fix this, you must go to the game properties and add this command line argument which disables the frame rate limit.

Apex Legends command line argument setting

Command line argument: +fps_max_unlimited

Apex Legends FPS Limiter Setting?

Checking the pc settings, you’ll know there’s no FPS limiter setting inside the options menus. Typically this is where you would set a custom FPS limit which would be especially useful for those who own a G-sync of FreeSync monitor. It’s also useful for anyone who just wants to play at at a stable frame rate that the system can maintain most of the time.

If you want to lock your frame rate at a specific value, then you must use must use a Third Party tool like the RivaTuner Statistics Server. There are other types of tools like this out there, so you would need to do your own due diligence to see what best fits your gaming setup.

Apex Legends Vsync FreeSync RivaTuner Statistics Server tool. Fix Issue

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