How To Destroy Caustic Gas Traps

How To Destroy Caustic Gas Traps

Although Caustic is one of the less popular legends, his Gas traps are extremely annoying when a player is cornered, here is how to counter them. 

With 3 abilities for every Legend, picking the right combination is vital to winning games. As time goes on, the Caustic legend is being unlocked and used by many more players then when the game was first released. Because of this, understanding how to counter his gas trap ability is a great tip to add to your Apex Legends knowledge base.

All of Caustic’s abilities are gas based. Starting with a Nox Gas trap, he is able to deploy 6 gas traps around the map. You mostly find these spread around building entrances, corridors or any space that is deemed a choke point. Caustic is a very situational hero if paired with the right Legends. If played right, there is no reason Caustic can’t be involved in winning matches. When enemies trigger the traps, they immediately start taking damage. Blurry vision and slower movement are the symptons of a triggered Gas trap. The ability can be triggered from any distance, so there is no need to be in close proximity.

Countering Caustic’s Gas

Here is how to deal with Caustic’s Gas Traps. Redditor contributor u/xXROSHIXx has provided the perfect answer. The Caustic gas trap, if shot, detonates and releases the gas. However, if you can shoot it in the right place you can destroy them from a safe distance. If a players can shoot the Red painted area on the bottom, they can destroy the trap without any leaks.

destroy Caustic gas traps
Players should aim for the bottom red section between the yellow lighting.

Also, if you are equipped with a gold level sight, 1x Digital Threat, a player can see his enemies through the smoke. Here is an example of exactly where to shoot the canister:


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