How To Bunny Hop In Apex Legends

How To Bunny Hop In Apex Legends

How reverse Bunny Hoping brings an advantage to Apex Legends PC players, here’s how to do it. 

There is a need for speed with any first-person shooter games. Speed and movement play a critical on becoming a better Apex Legends player. Although the game itself is already very fluid, there are always tricks to improve movement. With any BR genre game, the element of a zone closing in on a player adds the need for quick and effective rotation. Bunny Hoping in Apex Legends consists of prolonging a player’s sliding momentum, performing small hops, right before exiting a slide movement. Here are the pros and cons.

What Does it look like in third view, with a pattern of direction

Apex Legends Bunny Hop

Video matching pattern:


Pros like Dizzy use and have perfected the movement.

 Performing the Bunny Hop

Before continuing, please note that, the Bunny Hop movement is made for PC. The movement is practically impossible to complete on controller unless a player is an advanced claw expert. For PC, bind the jump button to your scroll wheel. Start sprinting, press and HOLD the slide button and while you are ending your sliding start jumping, start to strafing right and left at the same time with your jump button. Here is a video explaining in detail.

Reverse Bunny Hop

There is also a reverse movement that can be performed. The method can be used to escape enemies or engaging fire while retreating at a fast pace while facing your opponent. The method is a little trickier and could very well be patched in the near future because the movement does not seem natural:

When to use the Bunny Hop

Although the bunny hop can extend movement on flat surface, its does not improve speed for downhill sliding. The most effective way to use the Bunny Hop in Apex Legends is when healing. Player movement speed is extremely slow when in the act healing. If a player executes a bunny hop, they can heal themselves while hoping while keeping speed momentum. This is the most effective use of the bunny hope. To maintain fast movement while healing.

As of now, Respawn has released two official updates, with none of them including in game meta fixes. Some fans believe the reverse hop will be patched but forward hoping is just a combination of proper bindings and coordination.

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