How Apex Legends Made Me A Better Blackout Player

How Apex Legends Made Me A Better Blackout Player

Apex Legends have been receiving a lot of criticism over the past few months. From the lack of updates and communication from Respawn to connectivity issues. However, Apex Legends has drastically changed the way I play battle royale games, and in a surprisingly good way. In this opinion piece, I’ll be praising Apex Legends rather than critiquing it.

Call of Duty Blackout Solo

For those who play the Blackout Solo mode, you’ll know there’s a large amount of camping and playing in the outer circle. This is a strategy that many players use in solos. The reasoning behind this is simple; the more you see in front you without worrying to look behind you will give you an advantage. Another reason players use this strategy is due to the fact that every sound you make can be heard from some distance. If you have a good headset, you’ll be able to hear just about any player moving and even crouching.

Because of this, you’ll often die more times then not if you’re running around. If your goal is to get more kills, then running around isn’t that bad of an idea as your attacks are pre-emptive. If your focus is getting the win, you’ll need to camp, crawl, and listen attentively to your surroundings.

Apex Legends Gameplay

When Apex Legends was released, it introduced the no damage fall, wall climbing at ease, and a multitude of other mechanics to battle royale multiplayer. The gun diversity also makes things interesting with different weapons requiring different ammo such as light, heavy or energy. Some love the game, others hate it, but being a die-hard Call of Duty gamer, I found the game interesting and exhilarating.

It offered a different approach to the way gamers played battle royale games. The introduction of “Legends” added a fresh new take on how this type of game can be played. Additionally, losing gunfights didn’t mean the game was finished for you. If you would get eliminated in Apex, your teammates can respawn you back in the game. That meant that gun battles weren’t “do-or-die” anymore. Even if you didn’t have the most powerful weapon equipped, you were hesitant to gun battles since getting eliminated didn’t mean the end of the game for you. I found myself my “gun-ho” in Apex Legends, and moving around more than I usually would in Blackout.

Apex Legends Made Me a Better Call of Duty Player

Apex Legends can be a fast paced game, especially since the map is smaller then Blackout’s, and the hot drops are more intense which requires you to think quick on your feet. Having played Apex Legends since it’s release back in February, Blackout took a back seat. However, I decided to give Blackout solos a try again and see how things have changed. Besides the cosmetics on the map, and a few new guns and character skins, it hasn’t changed that much. What did change was my gameplay.

My aiming has improved upon first glance playing Blackout. Using energy guns in Apex Legends with their high recoil, it allowed me to develop better recoil control. The second major noticeable difference was the fact I did not crawl, camp, and listen as much as I did in the past. I found switching from Apex Legends to Blackout Solo improved my movement, placement on the map, and attacks. Instead of camping and listening to get the first shot, I’d run with purpose and anticipate enemy fire. The third difference was climbing on top of roofs and buildings if I was able to, similar to the way you wall climb in Apex legends. I’d look for the opportunities to climb on top of buildings just to get the height advantage as you can see from the clip below:

Advanced Player

Additionally, I wasn’t sitting back waiting for the last player; hiding inside the building. Thanks to the Apex Legends style of playing made me go on the offense more often than not. Although these noticeable differences can be subjective, it seems that my gameplay, in my first return to Blackout, was noticed by many players. I had 8 players watching my screen when I won the Blackout match. To give some sort of comparison, just before I stopped playing Call of Duty, I was #25 overall in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, and had 200 wins (top 100 solo) in Blackout.

Black Ops 4 Xbox One Rank

Essentially, I knew how to play the game very well. When I stopped playing Blackout, the most views I’ve ever had were 5 in my best matches, where I had more kills than 5 in the current screenshot. However, the very first game back I had 8 views for the entire match which was completely different than I’m used to.

Call of Duty Blackout View Count

Did these viewers think that I was cheating since my style was unorthodox in Blackout? Perhaps, but Apex Legends has significantly altered the way I play battle royale games, specifically Blackout. I’m more aggressive; not staying back waiting for an enemy but being completely in hunting mode. My gun control has increased drastically thanks to using all the different weapons in Apex Legends.

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