Ghost Gaming Finalizes Their First Apex Legends Roster

Ghost Gaming Apex Legends Roster

Popular esport organization Ghost Gaming enters the competitive Apex Legends scene, signs 4 players. 

After only a month of existence, Apex Legends is seeing an abundance of pro esport teams signing players to bolster their rosters. Although no official pro set is confirmed, organizations cannot shy away from the game’s immense popularity as its fan base continues to grow.

Many teams like, NRG and 100 Thieves, started their recruiting very early, as Ghost Gaming has now jumped into the Apex Legends scene, confirming their first 4 signings.

Ghost Gaming Apex Legends Roster

The 4 new players confirmed are Chris “Jay3” Pavloff, Peyton “Peesh” Schutz, Chris “Chris” Brown, Marshall “Mohr” Mohr. Organizations are making the move into Apex Legends because of its soaring popularity. NRG made headlines as being the first organization to sign a pro player, when they inked superstar Coby “Dizzy” Meadows just a week after the game’s release. Other teams quickly followed the trend, as pro teams continue to form their Apex Legends rosters.

Twitch: Jay3, Chris, Mohr, Peesh.

There is no doubt that Ghost knows what they are doing when it comes to recruiting the right players. Founded in 2017, Ghost Gaming has one of the best Fortnite rosters on the planet. Bizzle, Saf and Aydan have helped make Ghost a household name.

Ghost Gaming tends to sign players over content creators. Many organizations thrive on branding, while never having major success in competitive play. GG is the complete opposite, as most of their players focus on competing before streaming.

Although there is hardly any history with the 4 new Apex Legends signings, one has to believe Ghost have signed the right players to compete at the highest level.

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