ESL Apex Legends Official Partnership for Esports Tournaments

ESL Apex Legends Official Partnership for Esports Tournaments Event

Apex Legends is going full on esports. An ESL Apex Legends account has been created on twitter this morning, indicating that ESL and Apex Legends have partnered up.

ESL Apex Legends Official Partnership for Esports Tournaments

Many Apex Legends fans were surprised to see a new twitter account created in association with Apex Legends. The name of the new account is @ESLApexLegends. The first tweet of the account was a simple “Hello there“. As of this writing, the tweet has garnered 900 likes, with 127 retweets and 230 comments. This tweet seemed to have surprised many fans as ESL is the biggest esports company in the world, hosting many large esports tournaments and events.

Some users have pointed out that the account doesn’t have a “Verified” icon, however, Twitter did announce early last year that they were disabling this option as they are trying to work on how to implement the verified process and make it easier for users.

ESL Apex Legends Esports

With no real announcement on the ESL website, many gamers had a feeling that Apex Legends was going to go into esports and offer competitive gaming through tournaments. ESL is an esports organizer and production company since 1999. The company is based in Cologne, Germany and hosts games such as CS:GO and Dota 2.

The company partners up with many publishers such as Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Valve Corporation, Microsoft, Wargaming, and now Electronic Arts. They facilitate thousands of gaming competitions yearly which can be seen on their twitch channel here. There are hundreds of Team members that help host the events which are localized.

Early Signs of Apex Legends Esports?

With many esports organizations upping their recruitment process to attract pro Apex Legends players, it was a telltale sign that perhaps these organizations were in the know of something coming out with regards to Apex Legends and competitive gaming.

It’s unsure what type of tournaments of events will be held, but with the recent announcement of singles and duos coming to Apex Legends, there might be a variety of divisions to reflect this.

With the popularity of Apex Legends right now, and the speed of it’s success given then game has only been out for 2 weeks, it makes complete sense to organize official esports tournaments for Apex Legends. The twitter account of ESL Apex Legends continues to increase it’s followers by the minutes. Will an official announcement be made via ESL or EA’s website? Stayed tuned to find out. (UPDATING).

ESL Apex Legends Official Partnership for Esports Tournaments

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