Dr Disrespect’s Opinion on Apex Legends Season Pass. “Apex is quickly evaporating”.

Dr Disrespect Opinion on Apex Legends Season Pass

Apex Legends Season Pass is out. However many players and streamers are concerned for the future of the game. Dr Disrespect gives his opinion on the whole situation.

Dr Disrespect Opinion on Apex Legends Season Pass

Apex Legends Season Pass was highly anticipated by many players. Everyone was eagerly expecting how it was going to be, and what will it include. However, after the Season Pass came out many players started to comment that it did not include anything new and revolutionary. Of course, this combined with the delayed release of the season pass created some rift. Many players are arguing that it is very Fortnite-like and the rewards are not even that satisfactory. The number of items available and challenges are not on point. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect joined the argument and shared his opinions on the matter.

According to Dr Disrespect opinion on the new Season Pass, it is just going to prolong the games life a little bit. Content-wise, he is stating that it does not offer anything new. Dr Disrespect stated “Apex is quickly evaporating. I don’t see a season pass is just going to absolutely take it to the next level. I think it is just going to maintain. Here is the what the Apex Legends Season pass is going to do. Is it going to take it to the next level? No not my opinion. I think right now Apex is going down. It is tapering off very quickly. Season Pass is just going to bump it up a little bit and sustain. That is why content is so important. Maps Characters etc.

Twitch Stats

Of course, Dr Disrespect can check out his viewer numbers and get an idea about it. He is one of the top streamers after all. But none the less. He has a valid point about the tapering off. Apex Legends passed 50 million mark so quickly. However, since then, the numbers started to go down. Even though we can see a small bump after the season pass, most gamers realized it did not offer the same level of excitement.

The stats on Twitch show the viewership in 3rd place most of the time, just below Fortnite and League of Legends. When Apex Legends game out, it had over 300k viewers at any point. Now it’s dropped below the 100k mark.

Dr Disrespect Says Apex Legends Going Down Hill. Losing Momentum

Of course, these numbers are just a dream for some games. However, Apex started from so high and the point that they are right now is not that satisfactory. Are we expecting too much of Apex Legends to begin with? To say the least, Fortnite has set the bar for Battle Royale games. If a game is not on par, or exceeding that bar, there’s room for criticism.

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