Dr Disrespect Loves Synthwave. Sings to FM-84 “Goodbye”.

Dr Disrespect Loves Synthwave. Sings to FM-84 Goodbye.
  • Dr Disrespect loves Synthwave music, and how can anyone blame him? With radical synth sounds, and lazer beams flying your way, it’s hard not to get stuck into this genre. Dr Disrespect loves it so much, he’s willing to sing on his Twitch Stream.
Dr Disrespect Music Playlist

One thing viewers of Dr Disrespect will notice is that he has a bunch of funky music playing when he’s streaming. The sounds and music play as if he’s out of a Bladerunner movie, or perhaps Tron movie. But, this type of music is a genre called Synthwave. There are other names for it like “outrun”, or “retrowave, because the sounds and electronic music is influenced by 1980’s film soundtracks and video games. It would then make sense that Dr Disrespect loves listening to his Synthwave. He’s an 80’s baby, and all the most likely was playing a lot of the NES, listening to 8-bit music all day.

Dr Disrespect Loves Synthwave. Sings to FM-84 “Goodbye”

During one of the Doc’s Apex Legends streams, a Synthwave song came on, by the group FM-84. The Doc knows them all, from The Midnight, to Future Cop and Sunglasses Kid. But when FM-84 came on, he went into rock star mode. All of his viewers watched as the Doc sang his heart out, as if he was trying to make it to Hollywood on American Idol.

But Doc was far from trying out in front of any judges. He was somewhere more important. In front of his viewers.

As he was singing with passion, like true Dr Disrespect, his angry side comes out, and in the middle of the song goes into character and screams,

“I just want to choke you out!”

FM-84 – “Goodbye”

The Synthwave song Dr Disrespect was singing was a song by FMK-84 titled “Goodbye”. It’s a very 80’s sounding track that incorporates all the cheezy love movies from the 80’s. Of course, with some incredible vocals done by Clive Farrington. If you’re a big Synthwave fan, FM-84 has this album out which can be purchased in iTunes or Spotify.

FM-84 Dr Disrespect Synthwave Electronic Music Playlist Genre

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