Dizzy Gets Tired Playing Apex Legends


The reality of streaming that face gamers and how dizzy gets tired playing apex legends.

Fierce Competition

Apex legends Fierce Competition Streamers

With a growing number of streamers, competition is becoming fierce. You need a combination of skills, equipment, and personality to even make a dent on the scene. Many fail, and few strive to gain subscribers and viewers with the ultimate goal of making gaming their career and rack in the money with sponsors and advertisers.

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Focus, Awareness, Accuracy

Apex Legends Focus Awareness Accuracy

To get to the top, you need to grind, hustle, and have dedication. But during your grind, you need to stay focused, have awareness and be accurate in your shots. A lot of elements if you want to become a top streamer. Some gamers have their own tricks on what helps them stay awake to keep gaming such as energy drinks, caffeine, and even illegal substances.

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Dizzy Also Gets Tired Gaming

During one of dizzys games on his 24 hour stream, he tells his teammate m0xyyy that he’s feeling tired and what should he do to stay awake. M0xyyy says to keep at it, then gives more specific answers like drink coffee or tea, all to which Dizzy says he doesn’t drink coffee, and doesn’t really buy energy drinks, but he might give tea a try.

Even if you’re the best, you’ll eventually succumb to fatigue. In the end, we’re all human after all. After 13 hours of gameplay, and countless wins and kill leader titles under his belt, dizzy doesn’t seem to be slowing down so does he really need to fight off fatigue, or does the adrenaline of being in the heat of the battle just keeps him going? How about a $1500 donation from one of his viewers during his 24 hour live stream? A donation of that amount will keep anyone awake for 24 hours.

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