MUST SEE: Dizzy Toys With Enemy. Shows He’s an Apex Legends Master

Apex Legends Master NRG Dizzy Best Player World King
Image source: EA

Dizzy is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world. In one of his streams, he plays around with an enemy, and then kills him melee style. Shows he’s an Apex Legends Master. 

Dizzy’s Apex Legends Accomplishments

Coby Meadows, aka Dizzy is one of the best players in Apex Legends. Some have already started calling him an Apex Legends Master. For the small amount of time since the game has been out, Dizzy has been establishing records for people to be. For example, he was first player to reach Apex Legends level 100. When he did, word was spread around fast and it got the attention of one of the biggest esports organizations, NRG. He was instantly signed to represent NRG in the game.

As he started to grow, people were asking who is Dizzy? A short week after hitting level 100, Dizzy took part of the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge where he played aside Ninja and teammates NRG KingRichards. Dizzy lead the squad, showing Ninja that a new King was born in Apex Legends. Dizzy had the most kills in the tournament, and helped place him team in first place. During the stream, many viewers were asking what is Dizzy Apex Legends Settings.

Streaming for NRG

Dizzy now streams for NRG, producing content and gaining followers while helping NRG build their brand in Apex Legends. It was one of the smartest moves by an esports organization for the fresh new battle royale game. Now Dizzy gained 300,000 subscribers since getting to level 100 first and dominating the field. Other esports teams are now recruiting players for Apex Legends.

Here’s a clip of NRG Dizzy toying with his opponent, simply using Wraiths Apex Legends HEIRLOOM Melee Weapon with special Skin. It’s clips like this that shows Dizzy is an Apex Legends Master.

Dizzy Apex Legends Master

Dizzy plays on the PC, which is why is he moves flawlessly around his play, dodging his bullets and going around him. It’s am inpressive viewing and a MUST SEE if you play Apex Legends. It’s not easy to move around an enemy who’s shooting at you with a weapon. Dizzy is really the Apex Legends King.

Dizzy Apex Legends Master King

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