These Designers Deserve Recognition for Their Apex Legends Replica Work

Apex Legends Replica Design 3D Printer Artist
  • Have you stumbled upon a Prowler Replica? How about the Wingman or Wraith’s Kunai knife replica? Well, the designs for these all stem from one place, and we need to give credit to these designers for their Apex Legends replica work. 
What is Thingiverse?

If you’re not an artist or have ever taken an interest in design, you won’t be familiar with Thingiverse. But in a nutshell, Thingiverse is a website for 3D designers who upload their designs on the platform and share their work. You might ask what does this have to do with Apex Legends.

Wraith Kunai Replica
Wraith Kunai Replica

If you’ve stumbled upon real-life replica’s of items from Apex Legends, well, they all mostly originate from Thingiverse. There are thousands of passionate video game designers bringing to life the items we play with every day in games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many more games. Seen that awesome Halo UNSC Sniper Replica on Etsy or eBay selling for $200? There’s a high probability that the seller got the specs from Thingiverse. And here’s the thing about the site, none of the designers ask for one single penny. In most bios, the designers write:

“Give a Shout Out

If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag.”

The only thing they ask is for you not to print and sell their work. This is understandable, however, it’s not always respected. There is also a “Tip Designer” in every designer’s bio for users who appreciate their work and want to give something back.

When gaming companies are not there to recreate some of the most iconic weapons or items in their games, these designers step up to the task and create 3D designs. They definitely need to be appreciated, and the following designs are all for Apex Legends.

Full Credit to Designer Jonnyo85

Game Life received an email from one of the popular Apex Legends designers on Thingiverse, letting us know of the creations on the site and where they originate from.  Please keep in mind that these designers don’t have any affiliation with EA/Respawn Entertainment and that their designs are created out of the passion of the game; sharing their designs for people to use personally.

Jonny085’s profile on the site can be found here. He’s already created new designs from the Wild Frontier Update, including the BP Point Boost Badge, and Octane’s Jump pad. Here’s a comparison of the badge seen on screen, and what Jonny085 was able to come up with.

Apex Legends - BP Point Boost Badge
Source: Jonnyo85 Thingiverse
Apex Legends - BP Point Boost Badge Replica Jonno85
Source: Jonnyo85 Thingiverse

Some of you might be thinking what would be the point of just 3D printing the Apex badge? Well, for starters, fans would probably like to have a physical item in their hands and display it in their game room. Secondly, fans could use the badge as a coaster, just like Jonnyo85 did with Octane’s jump pad as seen below.

Octane Jump Pad Coaster Jonnyo85
Source: Jonnyo85 Thingiverse

A lot of time and work was put into creating these designs. But if designers like Jonnyo85 wouldn’t create them, who would? These designers deserve recognition for their Apex Legends work. Here are some more 3D designers from the site.

Other Apex Legends Replica 3D Designers

Apex Legends 3D Designers Replica Printer

We wrote an article about the Apex Legends Loot Tick by 3D designer Gabriel Lensch of Thingiverse. He created a perfect design of the lovable loot tick that players would encounter in the Kings Canyon map. Well, there’s a bunch of other artists on the site that have created some amazing Apex Legends replica items. Designers Kallunke and Ryan1705 have put their Wingman replicas on the site. All you would need is a 3D printer and you can have your own Wingman replica. Of course, painting the item would need to be done by you, but it’s definitely worth is seeing how the finished model looks like.

Apex Legends Wingman Replica 3D Artist Thingiverse
Thingiverse – Kallunke / Ryan1705

Here are some more artists:

VidovicArts – Pathfinder Replica

Shadix – Wraith’s Knife

narwhal11 – Mini Peacekeeper Replica

Pharaoh439 – Prowler Replica


Apex Legends Prowler Replica 3D print SMG Weapon
Thingiverse – Pharaoh439

To see the full list of Apex Legends Replicas, click here.

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