CRYPTO Spotted Recently In Apex Legends. New Character Confirmed?

CRYPTO Spotted Recently In Apex Legends. New Character Confirmed
  • A new Apex Legends character has been spotted, and everyone believes it to be CRYPTO, a Legend that was part of the leaks earlier in the year.

CRYPTO Spotted Recently In Apex Legends

In a recent Apex Legends Reddit post, one user uploaded a video of what seems to be CRYPTO, a new legend that was leaked earlier in the year. About a month after the game’s release, data miners workd hard to unveil much of what Apex Legends had to offer at the time through the games codes. At the time, dataminers have uncovered 11 names and out of those 11, two have been confirmed so far; Octane and Wattson. Although everyone’s guess as to what Octane and Wattson would do were a little off, this time it seems that players can call it as they see it. Here’s the clip that Reddit user FrozenFroh uploaded:

As you can see in the video, as the player approaches the lab, an unknown character is seen playing with the computer. Most would assume it’s safe to say he was hacking the system. The unknown character spots the player and quickly makes a run for it, all after he successfully hacks the system.

Respawn has been doing a great job with their teasers, and with Wattson’s last reveal, it was a giant deal. Wattson was revealed at EA Play. This time around, how will Respawn top the Wattson reveal with CRYPTO? Only time will tell, but for now players are enjoying every easter egg they come across on. Another Reddit user pointed out that he’s been seeing teasers all around the map:

“My buddies have noticed that the code that appears on the banners have been changing slightly/having things added to it which indicates crypto is trying different methods”

Respawn DEV Responds To Video

One Respawn DEV by the name of lowkeydbjosh responded to the video with this gif. Because there’s no official word of the next character being CRYPTO, he can’t say anything. Users replied to his comment telling him not to change the Legends name, but other than that there was no additional comment by the Respawn Dev. In the next few days, we hope there will be more clarification on this.

The only possible question that this teaser today might answer is the unknown character as the beginning of Season 2 who was supposedly responsible for the large Shield pole protecting King’s Canyon. The unknown character that was spotted at the beginning of season 2 looks very similar to the Legend CRYPTO in the video above. Perhaps he’s responsible for hacking into the system and shutting off the force fields that protected Kings Canyon from the monsters outside. We’ll have to wait to find out.

Reddit Post here.

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