Comparing and Explaining Apex Legends Hitboxes

Comparing and Explaining Apex Legends Hitboxes

Understanding hitboxes for each Legend is key to dominating Apex Legends, here is a comparison of each Legend.

With Apex Legend’s strong start comes an abundance of problems. Disconnects and lag have been assessed with patching, however, once players started to look deeper into hitbox locations, more questions surfaced. This led to the first conclusion that Pathfinder’s hitbox is broken. If Respawn wants their game to succeed longterm, there must be improvements with Apex Legends by the start of Season 1. Here is a comparison of all three type of hitboxes.

All Apex Legends Hitboxes

Small Hitboxes

Wraith – Lifeline

Wraith Bangalore Hitboxes

As the image illustrates, Wraith is hardest character to shoot. With her extremely high mobility and very small stature her hitbox is the smallest of all Legends. There is a better chance at aiming for her chest for continuous and successful hit markers.

Lifeline, like Wraith, has a small hitbox but is not as mobile. Her hitbox is shaped like a pyramid. Because of Lifeline’s large pants she is a much easier target from waist down. Keep in mind for headshot aiming, Lifeline is much more upright then Wraith, her head is smaller

Medium Hitboxes

Bloodhound – Mirage – Bangalore

Bloodhound Mirage Bangalore Hitboxes

Bloodhound is one of the more popular legends in the game. His hitbox size is medium, however his head hitbox is the biggest in the game. Even Gibraltar’s head is smaller than his.

Mirage has an extremely balanced hitbox frame. His head is proportional and just like Wraith, is extreme mobility makes him very dangerous.

Bangalore is the best legend in the game when it comes to ones utility. She runs faster when being shot and her average body size makes her a harder target. Her hitbox is nearly the same as Mirage

Big Hitboxes

Pathfinder – Caustic – Gibraltar

Pathfinder Caustic Gibraltar Hitboxes

Although, Pathfinder’s hitboxes look small because of his small head, his hitboxes have been confirmed to be broken. Without a doubt, he is one of the easiest Legends to hit. The zip holders on his shoulders make him an easier target. Also, after headshots, upper chest damage is the second highest impact zone in the game. Pathfinder is on of the easiest Legends to kill.

Caustic has, of course, one of the biggest hitboxes in the game. He is extremely bulky and easy to shoot. His huge arms also pose as a big target.

Gibraltar is the biggest guy in the game. His hitbox is so big that frontal spraying will almost certainly result in high hit markers. His utility shield is what saves him and the only reason to use him.

Here is a video recap from SookieSpy

This was a first look at the current 8 Apex Legends  and their hitboxes.

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