Can You Shoot the Apex Legends Aliens?

Can You Shoot Leviathan Monster in Apex Legends

Every new Apex Legends player asks the same question when they first play the game. Can You Shoot the Apex Legends Aliens? Here’s a video clip in action.

Apex Legends Aliens Are Hard to Miss

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game consisting of “Legends” (characters) who have their own special ability. It’s this new twist that made Apex Legends incredibly popular, and the most watched game on Twitch. From innovative weapons, to character’s specials and map layout, Apex Legends has introduced a lot of new items to the genre. One of the unique additions would be the Alien monsters you see when you first start any game.

Apex Legends Aliens in Water Ocean
Image source: EA

As you and your squad get ready to jump from the deployment ship, everyone immediately notices two giant aliens in the water. It’s hard not to spot them as they take up a big portion of the outer map.

Can You Shoot the Apex Legends Aliens?

One of the first questions any new Apex Legends players ask is if they can shoot down the Alien monsters located on the outside of the map. Those who are bold enough to test that out will attempt to find the best spot of the map that’s closest to the Apex Legends Aliens.

In the clip below, the gamer finds one of the deployment spots to glide further in the map. Once the player reaches the top of the balloon, they glide down to the highest cliff near the aliens. This is what happens when they start shooting the aliens.

As you can see, the player has a Flatline SMG, which doesn’t have any reach whatsoever. But, the player perhaps was trying to get the attention of the aliens; maybe there was going to be a reaction after firing in the their direction. Once he saw nothing happened, the Apex Legends player then proceeded to pull out their G7 Scout Sniper rifle with a Purple Variable Optic attachment. If there is any bullet that would be able to reach the aliens, it should be the G7 Scout.

Sadly, the bullets didn’t seem to reach the aliens in the water. No reaction came from the aliens, and no hits were made. This only leaves one last possible test, which seems impossible to do given the circumstances.

Last Possible Test for Apex Legends Aliens

Apex Legends Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Rifle Gold Gun Special Supply Drop

The most popular and long distance sniper rifle is the Gold Kraber. It’s a special issued weapon that can only be retrieved from a Special Supply Drop, either through LifeLine or an in-game supply drop. The problem with getting the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is that it’s drop is unpredictable. You won;t be able to tell or track down where you can find it. By the time you do find a Kraber, you would need many variables to be aligned such as:

1). Finding the Apex Legends Kraber .50-Cal Gold Sniper Rifle

2). Survive the game

3). Hope that the closing-in of the circle is towards the Aliens

4). Find a suitable sniper spot so that you don’t get interfered with sniping the aliens.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Footage

This test will be extremely difficult to do as it will require a lot of time, as well as luck. And even if you do manage to go through the entire checklist above, it doesn’t guarantee that the Apex Legends aliens will react at all, or if the bullet will reach them. Good luck to those willing to take on the challenge.

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