Can The Leviathans Crush You With Their Leg Stomp In Apex Legends?

Can The Leviathan Crush You With Their Leg Stomp In Apex Legends 2

The Leviathans are roaming Kings Canyon, and now players have to watch out not to get stomped on. But can the Leviathans crush you with their leg stomp in Apex Legends?

Can The Leviathans Crush You With Their Leg Stomp In Apex Legends?

In the Apex Legends season 2, players were introduced to new content and changes in the map. In The Outlanders Journal, there was an attack on Kings Canyon. A mysterious figure is supposedly responsible for the collapse of the Repulsor Tower which is what kept all the flyers (dragons) and the two large Leviathan creatures at bay. Now that the Repulsor Tower can’t protect Kings Canyon, players have seen flyers roam around the map; waiting to pick up death boxes, while the two Leviathans have made their way to the center of the map.

With the Leviathans located at the center of the map, there are new buildings in place, and the landscape is completely different. However, players have noticed that the Leviathans pose as a threat in-game. How you may ask? After the first ring closes in, the Leviathans will let out a roar and then lift their leg to stomp the ground as you have seen in the video above. The question is, can the Leviathans crush you with their leg stomp?

Leviathan Stomp

Players who are not careful around the Leviathans will pay a price for not respecting their space. During a match, the Leviathans randomly lift their leg and then stomp the ground, hoping to catch their next victim, but do these stomps actually cause damage? It’s quite rare when players will get caught in the stomp, but in fact the Leviathans can eliminate you if you’re caught in their stomp:

Given how the stomp takes eight seconds to complete, it’s hard to imagine players get crushed by the Leviathan, however, as seen in the video above, you will get eliminated. Here’s another perspective of the Leviathan stomp:

As you can see, it’s not a one time wonder. If you’re caught underneath Leviathans foot, you will be eliminated. However, your deathbox will appear on the side of the Leviathan leg, so your teammates (if they are still alive) can pick it up and revive you.

In the situation above, it was a forced attempt, however, there are not many battles that happen around Leviathan’s leg, and if they do, the players normally eliminate each other before LEviathan can attack them. Nonetheless, it’s a neat addition to the new season which has seen a lot of success so far.

Apex Monsters Foot Crush Stomp

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