Interesting bug makes Apex Legends unplayable if crossed

Interesting bug Made Apex Legends Unplayable
  • Apex Legends has a problem and it is one of the most interesting bugs we have ever seen since the game was released a year ago. Will Respawn fix this bug?

Apex Legends Season 4 is here and we have many new exciting things in the game. The map changed a lot since the Capitol City was ripped in half we have Survey Camp and the most interestingly Planet Harvester. Planet Harvester is the main point of the map change according to Apex Legends Devs. The giant Red Beam coming from the planet harvester is a waypoint for players. This was designed by Dammond Robotics and one of the main reasons why we have Revenant in the game now because he hates Hammond Robotics. However, like most of the games every season we experience new bugs. Especially games like Apex Legends should have a live test server. It may ruin the hype but it is necessary to eliminate bugs during the launch of new seasons. The most recent bug is an instant death bug when players cross the giant red fire beam from the planet harvester.

Instant Death from Hammond Robotics

This Apex Legends instant death bug is something we have never seen before. Players are inside the dropship and if the dropship goes through the Planet Harvester beam, everyone in the dropship instantly dies. Of course, since the Planet Harvester is something players should not touch you will get instant death if you touch the fire beam. But, when you are in the air, you have no choice and if you do not check the trajectory of the ship you will die. There are other bugs in the game that needs attention, for example, the weapon switch bug, and some players also reported the bug with the Revenant’s Death Totem.

I don’t think this is supposed to work like this from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends Season 4 is still having a great start despite the bugs as they don’t completely ruien the game unless you encounter, for example, the red fire beam. But these kind of bugs can get really annoying. Also, we have the Apex Legends Global Series coming soon, this will mean that Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment needs to solve these problems really quickly for the esports tournament.

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