Best Ways To Earn XP In Apex Legends

Best Ways To Earn XP In Apex Legends Rank Up Fast Boost
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  • Here is a complete Apex Legends XP points guide to help players understand what gives the most XP to rank up fast.
Best Ways To Earn XP In Apex Legends

Like most games with their player point system, Apex Legends uses XP points for it’s ranking tiers. Whether a player’s goal is to achieve max level or to unlock perks, XP points is one’s lifeline. Currently, Apex Legends has a maximum level cap set at 100. However, once a player hits level 100, game XP continues to accumulate towards one’s statistics. This article will explain how XP is gained and what are the best ways to easily earn XP for players who don’t always have high kill games.

XP Needed Per Level Tiers.

The max Level for Apex Legends is set at 100. As one climbs the ranks the total XP needed to level up also increases. For simplicity, when a player first starts his Apex Legends journey, he can go from level 1 to level 2 with only 100 points. When a player gets into the level 40 tiers, the XP required to level up is set at 18000. The 18000 XP required is carried right to level 100. Players will notice a slowdown once they get into the 40’s.

Also to note, no matter what a player’s level is, XP points earned for in-game actions remain the same from Level 1 to Level 100.

XP Breakdown
Best Ways To Earn XP In Apex Legends Explained
Understanding what gives a player the most XP

When gamers talk XP, it’s natural that the first thing that comes to mind are “Kills”. However, Apex Legends XP for kills is set at 50 points and there is no bonus that can change it. The same goes for reviving an ally. The number not shown above, is also 50 xp. As we can see with Dizzy’s stats above, 24 kills at 50 points, yields only 1200 points.

Apex Legends XP Points breakdown chart
Apex Legends XP breakdown per item
Best Ways To Earn High XP

By looking over how XP is earned in Apex Legends, it is very clear that survival plays a huge role. For every 1 second a player remains alive he is awarded 3 XP. It does not seem like much, but Time Survived is the item that awards the highest XP. If you can win the match, there is no doubt your Time Survived will hover around 20 minutes. This will earn a player a whopping 3600 XP. Some players do not look for kills and remain tactical until the late rings. Because survival time remains longer, high XP is rewarded.

At 3 XP per second, every 17 seconds of game survival is equal to 1 kill

For the objective side of XP points, Champion bounty / eliminating an entire squad yields 500 XP. With 50 XP awarded for a single kill, the Champion bounty of 500 XP is well worth the hunt.

Damage Done XP is quite low at 0.25 XP per hit, however, it does still compensate for players who don’t do well with kills. Respawn Ally set at 200 XP is a fair number but becomes a risky play if no repawns are close by. The Kill leader objective at 50 XP is too low and should have perhaps been set at 100 XP instead of 50 XP. There should be some sort of bonus for taking out the kill leader.

All these numbers can be crunched in different ways but in the end, winning a match is much more important than high kill games. Surviving as long as possible is the best way to earn high XP points in Apex Legends.

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