This Awesome Octane Launch Pad Trick is Ingenious

Octane Launch Pad Trick in Apex is Fun. Trap Players

With Respawn Entertainment’s latest update, there wasn’t much to be pleased about. But one good thing that came from the update was the addition of the new popular Legend named Octane. One of his abilities is a launch pad, which can be used for a variety of different purposes. Here’s one Octane launch pad trick you need to try.

Apex Legends New Character

One of the new additions from Wild Frontier Season 1 update was Octane, a Legend with some new interesting abilities. Octane was the talk of the Apex Legends community as data miners have provided leaks about him weeks before the new Season 1 update.

One characteristic of Octane that users have noticed was his bionic legs. The story behind this was that Octane was bored and wanted to have a little fun. So he made his way to the “Gauntlet”, a speed run track where you run across the map using jump pads and shoot grenades. Well during this run, he blew off his legs by prematurely dropping grenades during the Gauntlet run.

Octane wasn’t going to go down, and needed replacement legs to get back into action which is where his bionic legs comes from. He’s now able to get right back into the action, joining the Apex Legends battlefield and compete on the battlefield.

Octane Launch Pad Trick

With Octane’s introduction to the Battle Royale scene, he comes with three abilities. The Stim which allows him to move faster for 6 seconds, a self-healing ability, and the launch pad.

How to use Octane Launch Pad Trick in Apex Legends

When Octane was available in the new update, players instantly wanted to check out his lunch pad since there’s no other ability like it in the game. Users then started uploading clips of them using the launch pad in a variety of ways. One way which people consider the best for the launch pad is helping downed teammates get away from enemy squads. However, another user found an ingenious way of using the jump pad.

Once user on Reddit by the name of Sp4ceD0gr said that “You can drop a bounce pad on another one to place it perfectly in line to chain them.“, which is demonstrated below from his video.

Practicality of this method

There’s many reasons why on would want to use this Octane Launch Pad Trick. The primary reason would be to run away from enemy squads, or escape a gun battle. The second would be to catch up to teammates who have wondered off without letting you know. A third reason would be to flank enemy squads while your teammates encounter them straight on. This Octane launch pad trick definitely helps in the above scenarios.

How does the Octane Launch Pad Trick Work?

In order to make this trick work, you’ll need a few things to happen. But do keep in mind that this trick can only be use in specific situations, and it’s not going to be a tactic readily available in your gameplay.

Launch Pad Trick in Apex Legends

The first thing would be to find a launch pad that was used by another enemy Octane on the field, and hope you come in contact with it in the direction you’re heading to. Secondly, your launch pad needs to be available to use at the same time. Lastly, you will need to have “stim” to boost yourself onto the launch pad (which is readily available). As well, you could place your launch pad in strategic places and then stumble upon them again knowing you could using this Octane launch pad trick.

But it’s not only tedious in terms of rejuvenating your ultimate ability. The likelihood of stumbling upon the same place you placed your launch pad is slim to none. Plus, by the time you reach your launch pad, your ultimate ability would have had to be rejuvenated. Too many variables are needed to make it work. Once you’ve found another lunch pad (yours or an enemy’s), you’ll then need to use your stim and run onto the launch pad. What will happen next is that you’ll propel into the air while still on your “stim”. As soon as you’ve reached the top, drop Octane’s launch pad again on the ground in which you’ll create a bounce chain.

Analysis of Octaine Jump Trick

Perhaps you’ll envision other uses for this spectacular Octane jump trick that no one else has come up with. But do bare in mind that this trick isn’t exactly guaranteed to work given the conditions you are in. For example, if you’re being shot at and your health is low, it’s probably in your best interest no to try this Octane jump trick and just run away from enemy fire.

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