Apex Legends Wraith Portal Ability Tips

Apex Legends Wraith Portal Ability Tips

Use these Wraith portal  beginner tips to help you understand the power of her Dimensional Rift

Apex Legends Wraith Portal Ability Tips

Although each Apex Legend has its unique set of abilities, Wraith is bar far one of the strongest Legends in the game. When used correctly even her passive ability is extremely useful. Wraith’s, Into the Void, is by far the most interesting tactical ability of all the Apex Legends, having her change positions to a safe location or into a flanking position.

However, its her Ultimate ability that is the lifesaver of Apex Legends. Wraith Portal ability, the Dimensional Rift, allowing her to link two locations benefits your complete squad. Here is a details look at some Wraith’s Portal Ability tips.

Wraith Dimensional Rift
Portal Time

As everyone is aware, Wraiths portals have a time limit of 60 seconds. The portal can be used by downed teammates and even enemy opponents. Although Apex Legends does not include a timer, players can use her ability timer as a clock. Figure that when her ultimate ability is filled at %39, the portal will be closing. Equipping a Golden Helmet it will be increase this number to %49. Golden helmets allows for players abilities to load 20% faster.

Portal+Void Combo

When you are using Wraith’s Void Ability you cannot enter the portal. However, you can use this trick on your enemies. If a player has opened a portal and and is fighting and enemy, a player can use Wraith’s Void Ability to trick the opponent to make them believe you are entering the portal. Once an opponent tries follow you, they will quickly realize that there is nothing that happens when trying to enter it.

Rift Energy

Always check Rift energy when opening portals. If you are out of Rift Energy, you will place the portal where your energy ended. It can leave a player very vulnerable.

Portal Run

Apex Legends Wraith Ability

Dimensional Rift or the Portal Ability is the fastest way to cover some ground as Wraith. You can set it when you are not in the ring and get your friends out fast. However, if you are alone just use it and run towards the ring.

Portal Trap

If you know that there is an enemies coming, open a portal and go to the edge of the map or just to a place where enemies can fall. If you open the exit part of the Portal there, your enemies will fall to their death If they try to follow you.

Portal+Caustic Combo

When you pull this off it is amazing. If you are in a group and have Caustic just put a Caustic gas trap at the end of the portal. You can do this as safety precaution cause sometimes other players just use other Wraiths portals to see where it leads.

Apex Legends Season 1 starts on March 1st. It will be available on all platforms.

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