How To Use Apex Legends Traps With Wraith Dimensional Rift

How To Use Apex Legends Wraith Dimensional Rift For Instakills.jpg
  • Placing Wraith’s Dimensional Rift inside a door and closing it on an enemy will instantly kill them. Here is how to do it.
How To Use Apex Legends Wraith Dimensional Rift For Instakill

There is no doubt that Wraith is one of the more popular legends. Although many of the Apex Legends top players have been leaning towards Bangalore, Wraith remains on top of the list. Her “Into the Void” ability is arguably one of the best abilities in the game. Whether a player uses to escape a squad or push an opponent, it’s extremely useful when faced with close quarters enemy resistance.

Although Into the Void is extremely useful, it does benefit the rest of the team. On the other hand, Wraith’s “Dimensional Rift” can be used by anyone on the squad and players are getting creative with it.

Apex Legends Wraith Dimensional Rift Ability
Squadmate must enter and remain in close proximity of the open door
Dimensional Rift For Instakills

A recent tweet, by contributor @Iturretguy36, shows an amazing method to kill enemies using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift Ability. It takes timing and teamwork but can very well be executed should an enemy be lured into the Rift. Wraith’s Dimensional Rift lasts for 60 seconds, so there is plenty of time to bait and enemy inside.

Execution and Planning for Apex Legends Wraith Dimensional Rift

Find an enclosure that contains a single door frame. Have at least one teammate inside the enclosure, in the proximity of the open door. The Apex Legend using Wraith, shall open her Dimensional Rift outside and close the portal at the open door frame. A chasing enemy will enter the portal and as he exits the portal inside the door frame, the teammate closest to the door, closes it while the enemy is exiting the portal. Here is a clip of how it’s executed:

Although some may think it’s impossible to execute, players who use Wraith have a natural sense of portal duration and it can very well be timed perfectly. Should the enemy enter the door because of missed timing, Wraith is waiting for him.

Just like any game, Apex Legends needs practice to perfect certain stunts and tricks, but in this case, an enemy must think before jumping inside a portal because death might be waiting for him when he exits it.

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