Apex Legends Worst Drops Zones

Apex Legends Worst Drop Zones
  • In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the worst drop zones in Apex Legends Kings Canyon Map and some hit or miss locations.

Apex Legends Worst Drops Zones

Kings Canyon Worst Drop Zones from Deploy Ship

In another article we reviewed some of the best drop zones in Kings Canyon to pick up high tier loot, or get a good start to the match with solid guns and inventory, however you can drop in a bad location which will make it difficult for you to get good body shields, guns or anything at all while being highly contested by the enemy squads. It’s important to consider where the best landing pots are on the map, while also considering where the worst landing spots in Apex Legends are. You might think that loot is randomized so why does it matter? Because there are highly congested areas that players still aim for, whether it’s to gain higher ground or simply to work from the outer edge and work their way in the center of the map.

So whether you have a pro squad or not, sometimes it’s the luck of the drop, and you can find yourself scrambling for weapons and loot. Here are some of Apex Legends Worst Drops Zones:

1). Cascades
2). Bridge

You can consider the above two locations the “center” or “middle” of the map where there’s water. If you land in these locations and there’s no other squad, consider yourself very lucky, and you can probably get away with some good inventory, however most of the time you’re battling other squads, your teammates get downed, and you have only a pistol and limited ammo because you were only able to loot a few huts.

We’re looking at consistency here, and these two locations are inconsistent.

Hit or Miss

Apex Legends Skull Town EVA-8 AUTO

Skull town is a favorite drop location among players because it has many buildings and possibilities for high tier loot. You also have nearby locations such as Thunderdome, Water Treatment and Airbase that you can loot.

The issue with Skull town is that it’s a hit or miss. Either you drop there and you have only 1 squad or no squads. Or you drop there and have 3-5 squads. It’s important not to spread out too far from your squadmates because you’ll need to stick together if you want to fight off 2-3 squads

If you can pick up an EVA-8 AUTO, Peacekeeper or Wingman, you’ll increase your chances of surviving the onslaught of enemy squads.

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