Apex Legends Streamer Gets Strange Question from Teammate

Apex Legends Streamer PKLE Gets Strange Question from Teammate

Pkle was streaming Apex Legends with a few buddies when one of them popped the weirdest question possibly ever asked on Twitch. You need to hear it to believe it.

Upcoming Twitch Streamer Pkle

Justin, known by his gamer name “Pkle” is an upcoming streamer who’s been dedicating a lot of his time entertaining his viewers by playing Apex Legends. He’s been playing a lot of Apex Legends, and just setup his Twitch account to focus on his journey to the ESL Tournament. Just a few weeks ago, Pkle didn’t even have 100 followers. Now he’s at 2000+ and continues to grow quickly.


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His Twitch schedule proves how dedicated he is to his channel, playing every day from 3pm to 9pm Eastern time. It’s this type o dedication that will help accomplish your goal of building a following that will enjoy watching you every time you come on. When he streams Apex Legends, he plays with a few friends. But this time things got a little bit out of hand.

Apex Legends Streamer Gets the Weirdest Question from Teammate

During one of Pkle’s recent streams, his squad just finished a game and were ready to get things moving until his teammates needed a quick time out. By the time they all got back and got ready to play, Pkle received possibly the weirdest question ever to be asked on Twitch.

Right before the game started, one of Pkle’s teammates said,

“So, I got a question for you guys.”

For some strange reason, it felt as if something strange was going to be asked, just because of the tone in the teammates voice. His buddy, known as CoolxBreeze continued and said, “Do you guys ever take a piss so hard that you got a turtle neck, or a turtle head coming out of your ***?“. At this point Pkle looked confused, as if he didn’t believe what he heard. He said, “Wait, what? Wtf did you just say?”. His other teammate then said that CoolxBreeze needs to see a doctor as the question was out of line, and totally uncalled for.

It seems that maybe that was CoolxBreeze’s last time playing with Pkle.

PKLE Apex Legends Player Weird Question from Fan

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