Apex Legends Solos – Iron Crown Collection Event [Limited Time]

Apex Legends Solos - Iron Crown Collection Event [Limited Time]
  • The highly coveted SOLOs mode is finally coming to Apex Legends, but for a limited time. The Apex Legends Solo Mode starts on August 13 till August 27th.

Apex Legends Solos – Iron Crown Collection Event

Ask and you shall receive. Apex Legends Solos is finally starting tomorrow, and the battle royale game will finally get a solos mode. It was a game-mode that every player was hoping for. The Apex Legends Solos limited time event will start on August 13th to August 27th. The event will last two weeks and is called the Iron Crown collection event.

“Only one will wear the crown”

Part of the “Iron Crown Collection” are exclusive character skins that are only obtainable during the limited time event.

Every character will have their own special limited edition skin, and each all unique. Here’s Pathfinder’s new skin from the event:

Pathfinder Crown Collection New Skin Apex
Source: Respawn

Why Was There No Apex Legends Solo Game Mode?

So why is Respawn doing this now? Why did they wait this long to get solos? There are many theories that have been looming around, even since the beginning of the games life. Here’s my thought behind this whole event. Clearly, one of the biggest game modes their competitor, Fortnite, has is the solos. It’s what everyone plays. To be honest, that is a true battle royale where there can only be one winner. Only the strong will survive and you don’t have any teammates watching your back. It makes of much more intense gameplay, and this is what many players play on Fortnite. Sure, duos and trios are also fine, but you need a mix of all types of modes.

When Apex Legends came out, players were incredibly happy to see something new in the battle royale space. However, the question of “where’s solos?” would come up more often than not. It was thought that Respawn wanted to focus on a “team-based” game rather than an individual game. Perhaps they were trying to be different than Fortnite and not offer the same type of game modes. But that couldn’t really be the reason, could it?

One theory was the fact that having friends to play with would increase the number of users who download the game. The idea would be that in order to play the game and have a better chance at winning, it’s better playing with friends or a close circle. So word-of-mouth would come into play here. One friend tells another, who tells another to download “Apex Legends”. From there, instead of one gamer downloading the game they just heard about, now multiple gamers were downloading it because their friends told them about it. This tactic was used specifically to get more users. It definitely worked as Apex Legends reached 50 million users in one month, shattering any record that Fortnite had to user downloads in a time frame.

It Will Take More Than a Fancy Season Filled With Mediocre Challenges

There, I said it. The challenges are “OK” at best. I can’t really be spoiled and ask for a whole lot more since Respawn really stepped up their game, and because I also play Fortnite, I’ve been spoiled with the awesome “hide and seek” challenges that are put out on a weekly basis. These challenges in Fortnite clobber any challenges Apex Legends has. It’s much more fun-seeking items that are distributed around the map than it is to follow specific commands like we’re in training mode.

One thing that I can say is that Respawn is right up there with Epic Games in regards to doing what’s best for their user base. Remember, Respawn never had a battle royale game before, and Epic Games took about a year to figure out how to innovate and do constant updates and bring in weekly challenges. Respawn will get there, and they are slowly testing the waters with this new Apex Legends solos event for two weeks. They are goi9ng to gauge and see how many new users download the game now that it has a solos mode, and how many players return. If this proves to be successful, Respawn will be adding it in the next season, mark my word. So this is the ultimate test. Will solos be a hit? I mean common, who doesn’t want to play solos? The Apex Legends Reddit community has been asking for it, the Twitter space has been dying for one, and players in-game were complaining of playing with bad teammates, wishing they could play solo.

The new Season 2 and the battle pass were indeed a hit, but I believe Respawn didn’t see the growth they were hoping for, and Twitch Metrics prove that they’ve only increased a little in viewership. There is a strong correlation between the number of people watching Apex Legends and how successful a game is. Now with solos coming, it will be a whole new experience, a whole new dynamic, and there will be millions of players who are going to be happy about this. One thing is for sure, Respawn is continuing to spice things up, and put the user first. The Apex Legends solo event is just that, and adding the Crown Collection where players can get new skins for their legends is the cherry on top of the cake. Let’s see how this plays out. I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow in-game. May the best player win!

*The views expressed in this article are those of the author

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