Apex Legends Shadowfall Event First Impressions

Apex Legends Shadowfall Event Review
  • Respawn Entertainment added a new Halloween time-limited event called Shadowfall, and it’s everything to rave about. Here are our first impressions of this event.

Apex Legends Shadowfall Event is here and it’s an addictive game mode that will keep you staying up for all night. When Apex Legends was released, it was considered as Fortnite’s biggest competitor. However, after some time the game had some issues with hackers and bugs and most players were calling it an unfinished and unpolished game. However, with the current situation, Apex Legends really improved a lot. For season 3, the Respawn devs created a new map called World’s Edge. They also added a new Legend called Crypto; from what leaks also report more are coming.

However, with this Shadowfall Event, Apex Legends is taking another step forward. We are seeing the King’s Canyon at night. It really looks gorgeous when playing it. You can really feel the atmosphere and the immersion around the map. Shadowfall event is an event where 34 players jump into a map. If you get eliminated early you will turn into a shadow, which is sort of a zombie, and players continue to turn into these shadows until there are 10 players left. Shadows have little health however, they are extremely powerful in close quarters. So use them wisely.

Turning Into an Apex Legends Shadow

If you turn into a shadow you keep playing and you are basically trying to prevent from other players running away. If you’re one of the last 10 players you are trying to get to the Evac ship at the end of the match. The Evac ship has to leave with you. If nobody can get into the Evac; Shadows win. If you can get into the Evac you win no matter how many of your friends left alive. 

The gameplay is fun, to be honest. There are unexpected features such as spiders jumping out from Supply Bins and the Kings Canyon as we have said before looks amazing at night.  However, maybe the most problematic thing is when players get eliminated they don’t want to continue to play as a Shadow and they just leave the game. Our advice to you is to play safe for the first ring because generally, the first ring is extremely aggressive. If you are playing you are able to see how far someone died as well. This will give you a general idea of where your opponents might come from.

Another advice is to choose machine guns and grenades because they’re extremely important, especially if you play someone like Bangalore or Gibraltar you can use their ultimate abilities to your advantage. Their rocket barrages are very good if you are at the end game. 

Apex Legends is on a good run lately. The game is making a slow comeback. However, with the recent Fortnite Chapter 2 we do not know how good this comeback is going to be. Apex Legends Shadowfall event also gives several gifts to players so be sure to check it out.

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