Apex Legends Season 4 Legend: Forge or Revenant?

Apex Legends Season 4 Legend Forge or Revenant

Many new games are coming out with some fantastic storylines. In the past, esports games did not bother too much with the stories of the game. However recently, esports games are trying to improve in this front. This makes the players more interested in the game. Because it is like a movie, you wonder what will happen next. Apex Legends is doing exactly this. Recently we have seen the Apex Legends Season 4 preparations. We have seen some interesting things. However, *SPOILER ALERT*, nothing was even close to seeing Forge getting murdered. This was a shock to most of us and Revenant murdered Forge, just when we thought Forge was going to be Apex Legends Season 4 New Legend.

But we are not so sure that Revenant will be next Legend even though he murdered Forge. This is an interesting twist, but the possibility of a body double of Forge is possible. We have seen Revenant leaks a long time ago. But also we do know that Forge was in the works for some time now. Forge was going to be a very interesting force in Apex Legends. If you watch the video, he does talk about being close. Also according to his bio, he was an MMA fighter so he might be a CQC guy.

He does remind us of Doomfist from Overwatch. The metallic arm and fighting with punches etc. Revenant is not very well known, it appears that he might have two modes. These modes have different abilities according to his needs. However, there is no other Legend in the game with two sets of abilities, therefore we are not so sure.

According to Respawn Entertainment developers, the story is far from over. That is why we are not so sure who will we see in the game. But this was a very interesting moment in the game. Players can visit the murder location in-game and get the charm of Forge until the new Season release. Also, let us not forget the chance of getting both Revenant and Forge in-game. The new Apex Legends Season will have 2 maps as well. In the first half of the Apex Legends Season 4, we will play on Worlds Edge and the second half we will be playing on Kings Canyon.

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