Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown First Impressions

Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown First Impressions
  • Respawn continues to impress with the arrival of Apex Legends Season 3, and we are here to offer our first impressions.

Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown First Impressions

Apex Legends Season 3 just dropped with a ton of new content and we are here to offer our first impressions. The response to this season has been a lot more positive in comparison to Season 2 by the player base. The update seems to have been designed by accounting for player feedback over the past few months, and we are having a blast!

The Much-Awaited Legend: Crypto

Just like we were promised, we just got a new champion with the arrival of Apex Legends Season 3. Apart from an awesome backstory and a really badass design, Crypto brings a lot to the table in terms of utility. The camping meta which was omnipresent in Season 2 will finally bid farewell with the arrival of Crypto, all due to the power Crypto packs.

Crypto’s tactical ability Surveillance Drone is the bread and butter of his kit. Neurolink, as well as his ultimate ability Drone EMP, synergize with his drone. His passive ability lets him and his teammates see other players through the walls if they are detected. Crypto’s ultimate ability (EMP) causes the drone to deal 50 shield damage, slow down opponents, and disables traps. All of these abilities work within a 30-metre radius. Crypto is the second Recon legend to be introduced to the game after Bloodhound.

Crypto is powerful by any metric, but it will take a decent amount of skill and game sense to use him effectively. This is because of his complete vulnerability while he uses his drone. You must know when to use the drone to make the most of it as you always expose yourself when using his abilities. With all the skills he possesses, it is highly probable that he will be a meta favourite and we will see him picked a lot at the pro scene.

New Map: World’s Edge

Apex Legends Season 3 also brought us a new map. World’s Edge is hyper-realistic, and it is one of the best battle royale maps we have ever seen. It is bigger than the previous map King’s Canyon, and it is designed in a manner to promote long-range fights. There are ample open spaces in the map also denoting how the developers want players to fight it out rather than camping.

Apex Legends New Map Season 3
Source: Respawn Entertainment

The Supply ship is gone and is now replaced by a Supply train, which is a good spot for those who want to fight and establish dominance early on. A new supply bot has also been added which drops a loot ball after players shoot it down. It drops items ranging rares to legendaries depending on the color it emits when you shoot it down. If you are lucky, you may also receive a golden key which will open the vault to the craziest loot on the map. The gameplay feels fresh, and it’s great that Respawn is committing to keeping Apex a fresh experience.

New Weapons and Balance Changes

Apex Legends Season 3 saw the introduction of Charge Rifle, which is a projectile gun with no drop-off. It shoots out a straight laser after a minuscule amount of charging time. The two most famous hop-ups – Skullpiercer and Disruptor Rounds have been rotated for the time being.

Two new hop-ups – Anvil Receiver and Double Tap trigger have been introduced. Anvil Receiver can be attached to two guns the R-301 and VK-47 Flatline. It increases semi-auto damage with the downside of getting a reduced rate of fire. Double Tap Trigger can be used with the G7 Scout and Eva-8 Auto shotgun; it enables the gun to fire two quick shots with a single click.

Other Important Changes

Previously, there was no way to determine whether or not the opponent has ‘fast use’, a buff offered by the golden backpack. It is annoying to fight enemies with the buff as there was no visual indicator. Fast Use has been allotted to the golden body shield making it easy for players to know if enemies have the dreaded buff. The golden backpack received a new perk called ‘Guardian Angel’ which lets you revive downed teammates with bonus shields and HP.

Gibraltar received a huge buff, and he now has a weaker version of Fast Use. He and his allies can heal 25% faster inside his deployable dome. Minor changes to damage numbers and cooldowns got added to different heroes to balance them. Bangalore’s ultimate ability does a lot more damage now, but we are yet to see how it will shake the meta up in Apex Legends Season 3.

Hop in try out the update in the all-new map and let us know if you are enjoying Apex Legends Season 3. Tell us what you found most exciting about the new update in the comments below!

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