Apex Legends Rap Song by Lifeline – “LiL LL Mozambique”

Apex Legends Rap Song by LifeLine - LiL LL Mozambique Music Soundtrack
Image source: IMDB / EA
  • Apex Legends Lifeline is one of the most played characters in the game. She can heal nearby teammates, revive knocked down teammates faster and call in a care package filled with high tier gear. But, Lifeline also has another ability that no one was aware of. Here’s the Apex Legends Rap Song by Lifeline called Lil LL Mozambique.
Lifeline – The Most Played Player in Apex Legends?

Lifeline is the “Life” of the party. With her adorable accent and incredibly useful abilities, she is definitely set out to impress. A recent post on Reddit showcased Apex Legends Stats according to the Reddit page of Apex. Although many gamers assumed that Wraith was the most used player (and maybe she is on a global level), but according to Reddit she comes in second place.

Lifeline comes in first and for good reason. She’s the most useful character in terms of team-play and usability. If you’re using Lifeline, you don’t need to stress that you don’t have, or can’t find health packs in case your hurt.

Her abilities are incredibly useful and it seems that she can do it all. Well, she has another secret ability that no one knows about, and that she can rap. There’s an Apex Legends rap song titled “Lil LL Mozambique”.

Apex Legends Lifeline Rapper Artist Music Song
Image Source: WB / EA
Apex Legends Rap Song by Lifeline – “LiL LL Mozambique”

One fan took it to the next level. Lifeline, being a popular character in the game will have many creative fans who will take it to the next level. We’ve seen passionate fans put together a real life Wraith Kunai Knife, a real-life P2020 pistol and a mini Loot Tick model. Well, now one fan decided to take it a step further and create an Apex Legends rap song featuring Lifeline. The title of the rap song? “LiL LL Mozambique”.

An ingenious title, especially since the Mozambique has become the center of attention for all Apex Legends weapons. For example, when ESL Apex Legends Twitter account was first created, one of their first tweets was about the Mozambique which puts an emphasis of the trend going around.

Mozambique Rap Song Video

The talent fan goes by the name of Xaro93 HD. The music video has already his 25k views and it’s only been out for 3 days. It also has 1.3k liks, and four dislikes. Your guess is as good as mine as to why someone would downvote this epic song. Here’s the Apex Legends rap song, extended version:

Xaro93 HD also hilariously put “Bruddah Entertainment presents” at the top of the cover album. The video it only a minute long, but it merits a loop/repeat on anyone’s playlist. The Apex Legends rap song has gained so much traction that it even blew up on Reddit. A few community Respawn Entertainment Devs even responded to the epic post.

Community Recognition

DKO5 comment has garnered 2952 likes as of this writing, which is a huge amount by any means. But one of the most highlighting moments is when Respawn Community Manager “Jayfresh_Respawn” wrote a comment saying that the voice actor of Lifeline sent him an email showing him the music video. That in itself is an accomplishment.

Xaro93 HD, who also has a Reddit account under the name “its_xaro93” replied back saying:

“Wow guys, i feel so happy right now that i created something that some many people of the same community love.. Even the voice actress herself.. Best. Day. Ever”

It’s great to see someone’s passion take off in viral fashion, and its_xaro93 definitely deserves all the credit for putting this epic piece together. As of writing, the Reddit post has 14.8k upvotes. Will its_xaro93 come up with other Apex Legends rap songs? Your guess is as good as ours, but let’s hope we see some more amazing stuff from its_xaro93.

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