Apex Legends Problems – Characters Not Playable

Apex Legends Problems - Characters Not Playable
Image source: EA

The highly successful launch of Apex Legends does come with some downfalls. And that gamers will eventually see Apex Legends problems in-game. Here’s one major issue that was reported on the Apex Legends reddit and how to fix it.

Apex Legends Problems – Characters Not Playable

It was brought to the attention of the subreddit that Apex Legends problems had characters not playable on Xbox after unlocking the characters either through Apex Tokens or Apex Coins. Many users were coming onto the subreddit and commenting saying they are experiencing the same issue.

It seems that there’s an Apex Legends bug out right now, and although developers are unsure why this has started, certain characters are not playable after being selected, specifically Caustic and Mirage.

Apex Legends Problems Caustic Character Not Playable Issue Resolved
Source: EA

The issue also seemed to be present on PC and PS4, with users complaining about the same issue. Respawn Entertainment, the creators behind the successful Battle Royale game have a “Respawn Community Manager” on the subreddit forum and has personally created a thread about the issue saying, “Will update this post as we get more info. Wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of this and investigating.”

Apex Legends Problems Suggestion

One reddit user then replied with a recommendation:

“You are still able to play them by pre-selecting them in the lobby menu. Just don’t pick any other Legend in the selection screen.”

Although this Apex Legends problems was resolved for some, other users are still experiencing this. It’s uncertain how this issue came about, and developers are still puzzled as to why the Apex Legends problems is happening. Why is it happening now as opposed to the release of the game where thousands were unlocking these two special characters.

Apex Legends Problems Mirage Character Not Playable Issue Resolved
Source: EA

One other user suggested this: “Are you sure nobody else picked him before you? Pre-selection pretty much always worked for me so far. Might of course be some other hick-up that the game “forgets” what you have pre-selected, possible.”

Apex Legends Dev to the rescue?

More users were coming to the forum and saying that their are experiencing the issue on all platforms now. A dev from the Respawn team has replied saying that “This should be fixed on PC and PS4 as of 1110pm PST“. However, users stated that nothing has been changed and they are still experiencing the issue.

As of now, the only recommendation that has worked is to set either Caustic or Mirage as your featured Legend which should allow you to play them. Game Life will update this post as more news comes in on the Apex Legend problems.

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