Apex Legends Pro Tips and Secrets You Need To Know

Apex Legends Pro Tips and Secrets You Need To Know Pro Gaming Esports
Image source: EA
  • In this updated article, we’re going to look at Apex Legends pro tips and secrets for Apex Legends that either you didn’t know or don’t apply often. Understanding these tips will make a world of a difference and hopefully get you more wins and XP.
Apex Legends Pro Tips and Secrets You Need To Know

It’s about a week since EA launched Apex Legends as a free downloadable game to monetize with in-store purchases. As Apex legends continue to break records with its user base, game features and methodologies are still being learned. We’ve come up with some Apex Legends pro tips and secrets for you to speed up your learning curve.

1). Run Faster
Apex Legends Pro Tips Run Faster Pro Tip In Game
Image source: EA

If you switch to hands-free and run without your guns, you’ll run faster. This should always be utilized when playing which will help you keep up with your team or run away from gun fire. What you probably didn’t know is that if you run hands-free, slide and jump, and continue this motion, that you’ll run even quicker. Use this tip to outrun the circle. If you run normally with no guns, you will find it hard to outrun the circle, but if you slide, jump, run and repeat this, you’ll be able to get out of the circle much faster.

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2). Prowler Is A Beast Gun
Apex Legends Pro Tips Prowler SMG Gun
Image source: EA

There’s a good balance between the guns you use in Apex legends, however, one can make quite a difference in dropping an enemy with a simple add on. The select-fire receiver attachment for the prowler changes the gun mode from burst to auto, and as an SMG with heavy ammo, it can tear through enemies at close range. This is especially useful if you’re up against someone using the peacekeeper shotgun.

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3). Gold Guns
Apex Legends Pro Tips Gold Gun Mastiff Shotgun
Image source: EA

Gold guns in Apex legends can be found on the ground or in the case of the supply drop you can get a Mastiff Shotgun or Kraber sniper. The point is that in each game there will be very few gold guns in the map, and they will be hard to notice unless you look directly at a gun and look at its attachments. If it’s all gold you know it’s a gold gun. They can be easily overlooked because if it’s a gun you don’t normally use, you’ll ignore that gun, when in fact it could be a gold gun. So pay attention to the guns you will NOT pick up in case it’s a gold gun.

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4). The Noise You Make
Apex Legends Pro Tips Noise Awareness Footsteps Skull Town
Image source: EA

Unlike Call of Duty Blackout where every little move you make can give a clue to the enemy where you are, especially if they’re camping, in Apex Legends it’s a bit more forgiving. You are able to run around on King’s Canyon while making moderate noise, but don’t let this hold you back from playing tactical. Most likely you’ll have gamer headphones so crank up the volume and listen if you hear footsteps, but also make sure to crouch around so you don’t make noise. This is especially useful if you’re in a building or an area like Skull Town.

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5). Character Speed
Apex Legends Pro Tips best Legends EA Battle Royale Character Speed
Image source: EA

Ever use Caustic or Gibraltar and feel that they are running slow? Because of this, you decide to use a skinnier player to move faster? Well, it has been confirmed by EA that all characters have the same speed, not one is quicker than the other. It might feel slower with the bigger characters and that is just an animation thing. So don’t leave out Caustic or Gibraltar because they feel slow, they move just as fast as everyone else.

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6). No Shield Health? No Problem
Apex Legends Pro Tips Shield Power EA Inventory Death box
Image source: EA

When you finish taking out a squad or a single player, you’ll likely have damage to your shield or lose it all completely. Don’t do what new players do and recharge your shield. You can simply open the death box of the enemy you killed, and see if he has the same color shield or greater, and pick it up. You’ll instantly have a new shield with full health. This is one aspect of gaming that Apex Legends got right. The shield will not be damaged, it will rejuvenate when you equip it and have full health.

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7). Loot Robots
Apex Legends Pro Tips Loot Robot
Image source: EA

All across Apex Legends King Canyon’s map you’ll find hidden loot robots like in the image above. They are hidden well and sometimes you can spot them, but most of the time the only way to find it is hearing it. They make little robot noises that are distinct because that’s the only weird noise in the area you are at. So when you hear them, and assuming you have decent gamer headphones, you’ll be able to find it. When you do, just punch it (don’t shoot it and waste ammo), and when you do it will break revealing some high tier loot.

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8). Gun Attachments
Apex Legends Pro Tips Gun Attachments
Image source: EA

Another important Apex Legends Pro Tips is understanding team dynamics. Playing with a good squad brings its own challenges. You’ll notice that when you go to loot death boxes, that the high tier attachments are already taken. That’s because it is extremely crucial to be upgrading and adding only the top tier attachments to your gun every step of the way. It’s literally the difference between winning the game or not. Most guns at a basic level, are hard to shoot with or have high recoil. By adding high tier attachments, you’ll make shooting more smooth.

Upgrade your gun by extracting high tier attachments from enemy death boxes every time. If you’re squad member dies, pick up his tag. Go to a re-spawn and call him in. Then when he respawns, let him pick up his own gear again and give him a helping hand scanning area of death boxes, or supply bins where he can reequip himself with decent armory and guns.

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9). Knocked down?
Apex Legends Pro Tips Gold Knockdown Shield
Image source: EA

One of the most important Apex Legends pro tips is how you handle being knocked down. When you get knocked down by an enemy, the only way you can get back up or revive is by having one of your squad teammates revive you. However, if you have the gold knockdown shield, it is the only way you can revive yourself. This is pretty cool because a lot of the times the enemy will move on to shooting your teammates once they down you. If you have the gold knockdown shield, you can revive yourself and get back into the action under the radar. It’s best protocol to pick up every gold item you find during the match.

These are some Apex Legends Pro Tips to help you with your gameplay and hopefully get you more wins and XP.

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