Apex Legends Player Dellor Has Nervous Breakdown on Twitch.

Apex Legends Player Dellor Has Nerous Breakdown on Twitch.

Dellor has one of his most intense rages yet. While playing Apex Legends, he was being trolled through donations and then had a nervous breakdown. What happens next is concerning.

Rage in the Cage

Matt Vaughn, known by his gamer name “Dellor”, is an ex professional esports player who has dominated games like PUBG, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. Due to his raging spirit, Dellor was caught in some major controversy which involved him screaming out the N-word multiple times. During an Overwatch match that he was live streaming, he died and was respawning in the match. His teammates said something to Dellor which caused him to rage and scream out the n-word. Because of that, he was kicked from Toronto Esports.

Matt Vaughn has gotten a reputation of raging in games during his streams. He’s specifically grown in popularity during Fortnite, where gamers would create compilations of Dellor’s Fortnite rage and put them on YouTube.

Apex Legends Rage

Recently, Dellor was streaming Apex Legends when viewers started questioning his low energy and demeanor. Dellor responded saying “I’m like 75% power, I need to eat some food“. He also stated that he has been on a losing streak and hasn’t got anything to work for him.

But things started to take a turn when Dellor starting playing. At the start of the match, as he was landing, a user donated and left a comment saying “Fortnite monkey butt hair” over and over again. The thing with Dellor is when a user donates to him and leave a comment, he has the text-to-speech option “on” in Twitch. What this does is allows Twitch to read comments out loud in a robotic voice.

However, with his headset on, he’s able to hear it also. It seemed to irritated him a lot as he then says,

“You keep doing that at the start of the round I’m going to ban you today. I don’t care if you spam, but if you time it at the start of the round I’m going to ban you”.

Dellor Has Nerous Breakdown on Stream

While things were heating up for Dellor, he was keeping his cool, playing some music on YouTube and reading some comments. At one point when he was responding to a comment, an enemy shot right at him which he didn’t expect. For some reason, this brought the beast out of Dellor as he swung back in his seat and screamed “fu**!!!!!!“. Luckily he was using Wraith where he was able to use her invincibility to stray away from the enemy.

Dellor hide inside a complex and started to heal his shield through the battery. However, at this point, the look on his face was concerning. He seemed to be outraged and was holding everything in. At the same time, someone donated $100 and wrote in the comments “Thanks LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”. With the Twitch text-to-speech kicking in, it only added fuel to the fire. Dellor then went to YouTube to pause the song he was listening too and screaming “fu**” out loud as the text-to-speech was bothering him. This is where everything fell apart. *Warning: Turn down your volume on your computer*.

Dellor just looses it, and dies. At this point he takes off his headset and screams,


Breaking Bad

It seemed that his death was the final stray as he broke loose and went into a crazy state. As he took off his headset, he went behind towards the wall and smashed it on the ground, repeating this over and over again. He continued screaming “DON’T” , as in don’t donate anymore. He then screams “REFUND ME $80 DOLLARS NOW!!!“. After a little break he turns off his stream. *Warning: Turn down your volume on your computer*.

After a little break, Dellor turned back his stream and continued playing as if nothing happened. Although this is one of his streaming traits of raging repeatedly, this time seemed a little over the top. Many viewers were commenting, asking him if he’s already and genuinely concerned for his well being.

Apex Legends Rage Dellor Breaking Headset Twitch
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