Apex Legends Official Twitter Account Hilariously Deals With Troll

Apex Legends Official Twitter Account Hilariously Deals With Troll

Respawn Entertainment has received a lot of criticism over the past few months, and a lot of that criticism is found on their official Twitter page. Despite the negativity, @PlayApex knows how to handle their social media account, and hilariously deal with one troll. 

When Will The Tides Turn for Respawn?

Apex Legends has been getting a bad rep over the last few months, according to the online community. Whether you go to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit, there are users making complaints daily. It goes without saying that companies, in general, will receive complaints, even if they produce an amazing product. However, Apex Legends is a little different. Given the success, they’ve achieved in such a small amount of time (50 million users in one month), Apex Legends have seemed to peak in mid-February, and then started to drop down to the lowest in the last week of April.

Players have been complaining about the lack of communication coming from Respawn Entertainment, which Vince Zampella said he wants to improve on. One Respawn developer mentioned that the company is just being cautious with what they say publicly. They don’t want to say something such as, including a new character for a set date, and then not come through on it. It’s essentially treading lightly which isn’t a bad thing. The web can be an unforgiving place if you promise one thing and can’t deliver. There was also the hacking and cheating issues that were plaguing Apex Legends, however, the company recently made a statement that they’ve banned and blocked over 1 million accounts. So it seems that Respawn is taking action on important topics despite what the community tells them. Despite the companies recent anti-cheat updates, users are still not happy.

@PlayApex Hilariously Deals With Troll

Most of the criticism that the company faces is on the popular social media platform Twitter. The social platform makes it easy for users to interact with companies with just a few clicks. @PlayApex is the official twitter account for the game and has over one million followers. The account is quite active and does a good job staying on top of news; even replying to many direct tweets. However, it’s interesting to note that @PlayApex is one of the few companies that dare reply to trolls. We’ve seen industry persons reply to trolls in the past, and perhaps @PlayApex has taken notes from previous interactions.

The Apex Legends official Twitter account recently tweeted about the EA PLAY Fan Fest that will be held on June 8th and 9th of this year. It’s a free event where fans can go and play the newest game releases.

As of this writing, the tweet has accumulated over 250 comments (with 2.3k likes). Most of the replies are asking about general questions and showing enthusiasm for the upcoming event. As usual, there are users who just troll updates like this. One particular user replied back to the tweet with the famous Fortnite “Take The L” emote dance of Thanos. Although @PlayApex could have easily ignored this tweet, like they probably do thousands of times a day, this time they decide to reply back. Here is their response.

Instead of ignoring the Tweet, @PlayApex took the negativity and flipped it on the troll, referencing the popular quote from the movie “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story“. The approach that @PlayApex used was not only innocent but makes the troll look completely silly for even tweeting something like he did. For those unfamiliar with the quote in the movie Dodgeball, here’s a quick 6 seconds clip:

Not only does @PlayApex do a good job with their Twitter account by providing news and updates, but they also create some entertainment as well.

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