Apex Legends New Legends Names Revealed

apex legends new legends hero names

Respawn hints, new Legends as more to come. Proof of 2 new Apex Legends characters have been found, here is what we know. 

Although the game is new, the core of Apex Legends is based around it’s characters and their abilities. With 8 legends to choose from, players consistently need new content to remain fully engaged with the game. This starts with the number of Legends in the game, as new info reveals, 2 new characters are coming to Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment has already rolled out its “Year 1 Roadmap” and character additions are included. Apex Legends takes place in the Titanfall universe, therefore most of the game lore and the abilities wise has similarities between two games. There is proof that some of the Apex Legends concepts have originated from Titanfall 2 art. The new legends abilities will probably evolve in the same manner as the original 8. Here is a look at possibility the new Apex Legends characters that have been found.

New Legends Wattson and Octane

Reddit user u/fmarton999 did some data mining and found new legend names in the game files. Their names are Wattson and Octane. Wattson sounds like something out of Sherlock Holmes, while Octane sounds like it will revolve around petroleum or fire. Their abilities in the data mined files are also similar to their names.

New Apex Legends Character names
New Apex Legends names found mixed with current Legends

Octane has a file name called Stim-Inject. In Titanfall, Stims allows players to run faster. This can also relate to faster health regeneration, but Stims will definitely have some sort of speed ability.

Wattson’s ability seems to be damage with Electricity as a file name Teslatrap_damage has been found. The word trap in the file name can also signal some sort of trap system to be placed in different locations. In Titanfall 2, the only type of similarity is, Electric smoking. It is an ability used by Titans from preventing pilots rodeoing you.

Possible new Legends abilities

There are reported to be a total of 10 new Legends in the files. Here is a list of the other 8 Legends:

new legends characters for apex

These leaked legends might come with season 1 or might never make it into the game. The files prove that new Apex Legends characters exist, whether they were for testing or will be added to the game is unknown.

Apex Legends Roadmap

Apex Legends Season 1 starts on March 1st. The year one roadmap explains that there will be new loot and weapons along with New Legends. Apex Legends New Legends Wattson and Octane might be introduced with the new season.

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