Apex Legends Might be Getting a New Ammo Type

  • Apex Legends data miners found out that there are new ammo types in the game files. Can these new ammo types change the dynamic of the game?

Apex Legends has different ammo types for each weapon. Their ammo types are based on the Titanfall universe. Since the game is also based on the Titanfall universe, we expect weapons also come in line with it. Many weapons from the Titanfall Universe are already in the game. However, the major difference between games was the Titans. These huge mecha robots were extremely hard to take down. For this reason, there were rocket launchers in the game. These weapons are still not in Apex Legends but recent leaks show us that we might be getting them soon.

New Apex Legends Ammo Type Leaked

Reddit user KralRindo managed to pull an image consisting of explosive ammo in the game’s files. Not much traction came from the thread, however, it is an interesting leak. The new ammo type can be seen on the far right in the below image. One user replied, “Possibly for a future EPG, Saltball, Coldwar, or Sidewinder?“. It can possibly be any of those things, or none at all.

Apex Legends New Ammo Type Rocket Launcher
Source: u/KralRindo Reddit

The new ammo might come into the game with launchers, or they can be different ammo that we can use for weapons already in the game. Recently, with the start of Apex Legends Season 4, Sniper Rifles received different ammo. This was done in order to shake the game a little bit and make the sniper rifle ammo more valuable.

This explosive ammo can come with rocket launchers as well. We do know that Respawn Entertainment was working on new weapons for a long time now.

However, we need to tread carefully, because Respawn Entertainment devs announced that they are implementing a new way to fight leaks. This new way is implementing fake information into the game files. Of course, we do not know if this is true but still, they have announced that they will do this. Apex Legends is one of the most data mined games and developers need to take certain measures sometimes to keep things away from the public and as a surprise. Fortnite has implemented this a few seasons back with their constant updates of things to come.

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