Apex Legends Needs Map Changes And Different Modes

Apex Legends Map Changes And Different Modes

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass has been released but players need more to remain engaged. 

With Season 1 finally underway, most Apex Legends players are disappointed with Respawn Entertainment’s approach regarding its Battle Pass. Most are in agreement that the Apex season 1 battle pass lacks content, with the community voicing their concerns for the future of the game.

Unlike other smash titles, like Fortnite and PUBG, Apex Legends did not have the time to grow at a reasonable pace. The game immediately jumped to the top of the charts, hitting 1 million players in its first 8 hours. Seventy two hours after its release, Respawn confirmed they had hit ten million players.

With success comes challenges, as Netcode problems, bugs and hackers became the game’s main issues during its first month. However, it was news on the Season 1 release date that players were patiently waiting for.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon
Apex Legends Season 1 needs more then just the Battle Pass

When Season 1 was finally announced, players got what they wanted. However, the first Apex Legends Battle Pass is clearly not living up to its hype. Players need to remain engaged with a game’s core elements to stick around for the long haul. New Legends and weapons are short term fixes, but map changes and different modes are key elements to a healthy fanbase.

New Map Changes

The good news is Apex Legends dataminers have found files indicating possible changes. The files do not confirm if its a new map or changes to the existing map. Looking at a file name “survival_map_selector” it can mean a number of different things from, respawn location, different game mode or even a new map. Now lets take a look at why this can be a huge bonus for Apex Legends fans.

What Apex Legends Needs Now

Three things that can cement the future of its core players are new maps, current map changes and game modes. The most important thing to start with is game modes. The 3 man squad is a nice feature but its time to expand onto other game modes. This is not just about adding a solo and duo match type. Different match types like a, 30v30, weapon class modes and respawn ltms would fit the game perfectly.

Apex Legends Thunderdome
Apex Legends Thunderdome

Surprisingly, the Season 1 update did not bring any major changes to the existing map. The major locations remain unchanged with the only small change being in the Bunker trap room.

If your not going to change the map, take Fortnite for example, 8 Seasons with the same map, then redesign the existing. Even the smallest tweaks and changes to the existing map will be well received. Epic Games recipe for success is clear: Frequent changes to the existing map. Sure players anticipate major map changes at the beginning of each new season, with smaller mid-season changes being the key to success. Even small, but frequent, changes to the current Apex Legends map will entice its fans to continue playing.

Having a completely new map is also a strong possibility. During the Apex Legends reveal stream, they introduced Kings Canyon as their first Apex Legends map. One has to assume that new maps will be added sooner rather then later.

Critical Timing

Although everything happened so fast, with the rise of Apex Legends, Respawn needs to be very proactive with their next moves. The negative feedback of the Season 1 battle pass can possibly damper the purchasing of future seasons. New modes and map changes will definitely keep interest and engagement at peak levels.

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