Apex Legends Mirage Secret You Need to Try

Apex Legends Mirage Secret You Need to Try Dupe Decoy Deploy
  • Since the release of Apex Legends, gamers have been posting online of obscure spots on Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Neat tricks with gliding, different ways to use the Legends, secret Dinosaurs are what has surfaced so far. However, one user has figured out how to properly use Mirage’s Ultimate Ability; the Vanishing Act. Here’s the Apex Legends Mirage Secret.

Apex Legends Mirage Secret You Need to Try

Apex Legends is full of surprises. Players are finding all sorts of interesting things in the game, such as the Plush Dinosaur Easter Egg, or the instant Kill using the Dimensional Rift. One YouTube user by the name of B4TB- BfourtyB has figured out how to properly use Mirage’s Ultimate Ability.  The Vanishing Act.

Apex Legends Mirage Dupes Decoy Vanishing Act

The Problem with the Vanishing Act

Players who choose Apex Legends Mirage as their preferred Legend were disappointed with the Vanishing Act. Although still incredibly useful, it seems there’s something missing with it. How one uses the Vanishing act is by simply enabling the Ultimate Ability when they’re in a messy situation.  This is typically done when they need to either bailout, or go around an enemy squad. What happens when Mirage uses the Vanishing Act is that it deploys several holographic decoys of Mirage to confuse and distract the enemy, while Mirage cloaks and moves freely around.

The only problem is that his decoys standstill, and don’t move around. The problem it causes is that the enemy can see a little piece of you move around and still kill you while you’re in the Vanishing Act. It can get frustrating when your ability, which is supposed to give you the upper hand, doesn’t come through. Well, a Youtuber by the name of B4TB- BfourtyB  posted this video of him demonstrating how to properly use Mirage’s Vanishing act.

Using Mirage’s Vanishing Act Properly

What B4TB- BfourtyB says in the video is when you’re on even ground, Mirage’s decoys will just stand still when you initiate the Vanishing Act. However, if you’re on higher ground, and at the tip of a rock, or cliff, you can use Mirage’s Vanishing Act to deploy the decoys and they will all start running. It’s extremely useful as it does a better job of confusing the enemy than having the decoys stand in one spot.

It’s unsure if this is what the Apex Legends developers were aiming for, but it would be nice to update the game and allow Mirage to have his decoys run in different directions when using the Vanishing Act. This little Apex Legends Mirage Secret is excellent as it gives an upper hand in-game against other squads. How you use it and understand what circumstances is totally up to you.

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