Apex Legends Lifeline Shield Trick

Lifeline Shield Trick

Apex Legends characters have unique abilities while this Lifeline Shield Trick may save your squad.

Apex Legends characters have different abilities while the game is solely based on teamwork. While playing with 3 man squads can be frustrating at times, decision making is the key to succss. Lifeline is a trending choice of Legends these days. Because a game like Apex Legends having health support is a must when there is non stop action. Perhaps the best support Legend in the game, Lifeline’s ultimate can call supply drops for high-quality armor and attachments. Granted it can only be used 1-2 in a game and has the longest time to fill. But maybe her most underappreciated ability is her shield when patching up a downed teammate. This new Lifeline shield trick is very easy to use.

How to use it?
Apex Legends Lifeline Shield Trick
Source: u/iPNow

First of all, you need a downed teammate. Secondly Apex Legends Lifeline Shield trick will work best in narrow areas like corridors and small rooms. Lifeline Shield is half a sphere so you should be able to close one side of a narrow area with the shield. Afterward, you need to move very fast between swapping the shield and shooting enemies. You should go in and out before they have a chance to retaliate. You can throw  your healing bot before you open the first shield and improve your chances of surviving the situation.

Video Instructions

The following video from redditor u/iPNow shows you exactly where to strike the wood as he demonstrates the move.

Most efficient way to use Lifeline shield from apexlegends

As players can see from the video, he is able to fight with his enemies by using lifeline trick. This tip comes in extremely handy for early game drops because players can immediately can find thegrab a weapon and engage enemies.

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