Apex Legends Latest Changes In Update Overview

Apex Legends Latest Changes In Update Overview

Apex Legends developers hosted a live stream where they told us about the upcoming changes and now that they are live let’s take a look.

Respawn Entertainment for the first time ever hosted a developer live stream. This approach was clearly better as an interaction than just releasing patch notes for the upcoming changes. Again, Respawn, being the community-friendly company, chose to address the grievances of its players base that had existed or developed in the past couple of months. They dropped some major information bombs on the live stream about the upcoming major changes coming to Apex Legends and also allowed a peek at the upcoming night version of the Kings Canyon. Now that we are live with the update let’s take a quick look at all the changes.

The Firing Range

Respawn gave a fitting reply to the most complained about feature of the game- the learning curve. Players who are initially getting into the game have a hard time following the fast-paced action and shooting happening on their screens. It can be quite frustrating at first to go in the game, die, go to the lobby, and queue for matchmaking again. It’s hard to grasp the concept of firing and movement with different guns and legends from the get-go. Apex Legends provided a training ground to grasp the basic concepts, but it wasn’t that effective or educating for the newcomers.

Players for a long time had complained about how the training ground is obsolete in Apex Legends. So, after in numerous complaints and requests, Respawn has completely modified the training grounds. It will be now called the “Firing Range,” and the name is quite apt for the features it provides.

Like before, all guns are at the disposal of the players with one major change. Now each and every weapon mod will be available for the players too. With this particular change, players can now ascertain how a weapon will react with different weapon mods, and with its absence, how one should improve their aim.

Previously, only Lifeline was accessible for training. Now, all legends can be selected to get accustomed to the different movement styles of each legend, from their pace to their abilities. This new take on the learning curve will satisfy the newcomers. Apart from guns, mods, and legends, each equipment and utilities currently in the game will also be laying on the ground. This will help players understand the stats, the benefit and the drawbacks of the same.

An awesome addition is the inclusion of dummies. We can now see how each gun will differently react on an actual opponent, ranging from the head-shot damage, body damage, ability damages, etc. However, the dummies stand still, it would be massively helpful to get moving dummies, to make training much more relatable with the actual scenario.

Furthermore, the different sorts of loot and mods enable the players to play-test the new loot introduced in the game without having to find and learn about the same from matchmaking. You can be prepared beforehand and would know without much confusion what attachment does what without asking others or spending time researching online. This will result in a much better experience for people just starting Apex Legends.

After watching the new firing range, I think it would also be amazing if we could have a small PvP in the training ground withing friends to assert who is the real alpha. Jokes apart, these additions surely are helpful and adds so much to the game with the community discovering different things that may not have been discovered before due to the existing limitations.

The Charge Rifle Change

Since the release of Season 3: Meltdown, there’s only one gun responsible for melting the players- The Charge Rifle. The gun is so smooth and powerful that it wreaks havoc on the players who are on the receiving end. It’s not fun when you are being shot from miles away with a gun with zero to no drop-off. During the live stream, the developers exclusively told that there wouldn’t be a visible change in the damage of the gun, but instead, the mechanics will be revised. Things like ammo per shot, magazine size, and the falloff damage have been confirmed to change till now, with other possible changes that we will see in the upcoming weeks. Players can now rejoice as the laser is now somehow less impactful than before.

After announcing the major changes, the developers provided a peek at the new bad-ass looking Kings Canyon. The developers who were behind ‘The time shift’ level from Titanfall are responsible for the new night mode. Now that we play it, it’s a new experience that feels like a new map altogether. Battling it out in the night is super fun.

They further announced that changes would be coming in Season 3, but they gave us no spoilers. The tease is solid, but all we can do is wait and meanwhile enjoy the massive update of firing range and shadowfall.


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