Apex Legends HAVOC Review


We’re going to take a look at the new Apex legends gun called Havoc that was released yesterday Wednesday February 20th 2019.

Double Hop-Up

Apex Legends Havoc Gun New EA

Apex Legends released a new gun a few weeks after it’s launch date. It’s called the Havoc, and it can definitely wreck havoc on your enemies with the right hop-up attachments. To comment first, Respawn Entertainment is getting it right, and what that means is they’re releasing new content right from the get-go. To keep gamers engaged, and loyal. It’s important to release new content at a higher frequency.

New skins, new characters, new weapons, new vehicles, new locations on the map. If they do this every 2-3 weeks, it will keep things fresh for gamers. More gamers will continue to play Apex Legends, which means a higher in-game store purchase. Other companies set new content release dates too late. They wait 3 to 5 months after the game has been released to release new content. This not only frustrates players because it’s way too long, but games now have a shorter life span with fierce competition from other gaming companies releasing their own titles (think how many users Black Ops 4 lost to Apex Legends and the revenue loss).

Now back to the Havoc. It’s in the same class as the devotion and triple take meaning it requires energy ammo. There is much less recoil then the devotion, but it takes a few seconds to heat up before it starts firing like the devotion.

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This is where the attachment hop-ups come into play. The havoc can use 2, yes, that’s 2 different hop-up attachments:

1). Selectfire receiverEnables fire select to charge beam mode


2). TurbochargerRemoves autofire charge

Which hop-up you attach depends on your game style.

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