Apex Legends Groups For TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Has Been Revealed

Apex Legends Groups For TwitchCon San Diego 2019 Has Been Revealed
  • The Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Groups have been announced. There are two groups that will compete to play in the Finals on Sept.29.

What Is Twitch Rivals?

Twitch Rivals is a series of competitive events made for Twitch Streamers and pro players. So far this year, there have been close to 100 events which featured millions of dollars in prize money. It’s a way for streamers who don’t play on esports organizations to compete in tournaments for the games they stream. Of course, these tournaments also have esports based teams such as the Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge.

Apex Legends Groups Announced

The TwitchCon San Diego 2019 groups have been announced for Apex Legends which consists of two groups who will play in waves. The teams in each group will play two waves. Here are thw two groups for the Apex Legends tourney:

Group A

NAVI.GG.BET – Rogue – Sentinels – SUCCUBUS – Solary – Team AlyGator – Team HCJustin – Team PreFirez – Team romcomm – Team Tasty – Team BigCheeseKIT – Team LionFYD – Prophet – Team SanchoWest – Team Timmy – Team Duckk – Team Nikatine – Team PVPX – Team Scribbleh – Team xQc

Group B

NAVI.GG.BET – Counter Logic Gaming – Sentinels – SUCCUBUS – Solary – Team Femennenly – Team Firedragon – Team Jassy – Team NotoriousNorman – Team TheRabbleWrangler –
Team BananaBrea – Team Fitzy – Team kate – Team Rhabby – Team xQc – Team FerociouslySteph – Team jakenbake  – Team megturney – Team SlimSquid TBD

The first wave in Group A has notable teams like Rogue, Sentinels, Succubus and Solary. The second wave, Rogue’s place will be taken by Counter Logic Gaming. Each team includes streamers mixed with pros, and there will be three matches with their own prize fund. Each team can accumulate more “bounty” by eliminating entire teams. Teams that are in the top ten will have a higher bounty on them, for example, Natus Vincere which will make them a target for all teams.

The total prize pool of the tournament is $500,000. The championship game will be held on Sunday at the “San Diego Conference Center”.  You can catch all the action on the official Twitch Rivals channel here.

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