Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event is Here

Apex Legends Grand Soiree Event is Here
  • Grand Soirée is here as the next big Apex Legends event. Here are all the details for Apex Legends Grand Soirée.

Apex Legends will celebrate its 1 year anniversary very soon. The game went through some ups and downs, however, here we are at the end of the Season 3 and Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment is giving us another event called Apex Legends Grand Soiree. The event will have everything in the mix. There are skins to look out for as well as different game modes. The event will take a long time as it appears and some of the modes are completely new even for hardcore players. Apex Legends Grand Soirée event will take place starting today.

Apex Legends does try to compete with Fortnite in also events department. Especially Fortnite gained some of its old popularity with the Star Wars event. But Apex Legends is taking us back to the 20s. In Apex Legends Grand Soirée event all the skins have a nostalgic vibe to it. Especially Pathfinder skin looks amazing. There are 7 new modes coming with the event. The event will take place for two weeks each mode lasting for two days. The Apex Legends Grand Soirée events are,

  • Gold Rush Duo
  • Third Person Mode
  • Armed and Dangerous
  • King’s Canyon After Dark
  • Dummies Big Day
  • Live. Die. Live
  • Always Be Closing

Some of these modes are known to us from other games or we have seen them in Apex Legends before. However, especially about Dummies Big Day, we have no idea what it is. In the trailer, we can see that people are running around looking like dummies. It can be a very fun game mode if all players are looking like dummies. The Apex Legends Grand Soirée event as we have said before will continue for 2 weeks.

After these two weeks, we will be in the last week of Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown. Be prepared for Apex Legends Season 4. We are expecting Revenant to join the Legends. Also, either CAR  or Volt weapon will be included in the game.

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