Apex Legends First Esports Player, Dizzy, Retires From The Pro Scene

Apex Legends is not even one year old, and one of the game’s biggest stars is retiring from the competitive scene. Dizzy was the first Apex Legends player to be recruited by an esports organization. NRG Esports recruited Dizzy after scouting out the playing field when the game was first released back in February.

The Apex Legends world first heard about Dizzy when he was the first player to reach level 100. The reason Dizzy made news for that is that the game was just released, and the average player was around level 20. Of course, since Apex Legends gathered 50 million players in a month, it was sure that the game was going to have a pro scene. A few months later, Apex Legends started losing a lot of players due to the lack of content and epidemic hacking. This created a bad aura around the game and Apex Legends started to lose players until Season 3, where everything turned around. Season 3 Meltdown fixed most of the problems in the game. It had a fresh new character, super-weapon, and a completely overhauled map.

When everything started looking great on the public level, the Apex Legends competitive scene took a hit. Apex just lost one of the biggest stars in this game, and this is going to be a huge problem as other competitive players might also follow suit.

NRG Dizzy Leaves The Apex Legends Esports Scene

Dizzy took to twitter recently to announce the shocking news to his fans. His tweet was titled, “A New Chapter…”. In his tweet, Dizzy attached a letter in the form of an image to bypass the Twitter character limit. Here is his Tweet:

Dizzy Streamer Tweets He is Leaving Apex Legends Esports NRG Team

Since Dizzy is retiring from the pro-scene, he will also be giving up his spot at NRG. He was the star player of Apex Legends. Dizzy stated in his letter that he will “now be on streaming Apex Legends“. This type of action was taken by only one other player we know, and it is Shroud. Shroud also quit the CS:GO pro scene in order to stream full time. But comparing Shroud and Dizzy is not right. Shroud had a longer career than Dizzy. However, dizzy also did not stream for a month and at the end of his letter he wrote, “Catch me tomorrow for my return stream.“. Also, the NRG team tweeted a Thank You Note to dizzy.

Of course, as we said before, Dizzy quitting the pro scene might have an effect on the future of Apex Legends. Apex Legends is already walking on a thin line. On one hand, they are trying to save the game, even EA announced that they will be moving resources to Apex Legends. However, there is also the Pro-scene of this game and creating a pro scene is both costly and requires time. Remember Fortnite and how many mistakes were made until they got it right? Apex Legends will always be one of the top 10 games, however, the pro-scene is still relatively new and has some improvements to be made. We wish good luck to Dizzy for the future and his continued success with streaming.

**Featured article image source: NRG Twitter

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