Apex Legends Fan Builds Life-Size Weapon Props Using Styrofoam

Apex Legends Fan Builds Life Size Weapon Props Using Styrofoam

One Apex Legends fan had created some amazing replica weapons seen in-game, and they look amazing.

Andrew DFT – Youtube Channel

Andrew Cook has a popular YouTube channel called “Andrew DFT”. He uploads videos about the props he creates, as well as cosplay outfits and tutorials on how he puts them together. Andrew loves putting weapons together, and he does so using Styrofoam sheets. On his About page, he says he’s 25 years old with a passion for gaming and scifi, and that he loves to create props and costumes. Because his creations are so amazing, he gets a lot of inquiries about where fans can find his blueprints for his creations. If you’re interested in any after watching his YouTube Channel, you can go to his Facebook page where you’ll find blueprints of his latest creations.

You can see an example of one of his creations, which is a Fortnite Scoped Rifle:

Apex Legends Fan Builds Life-Size Weapon Props

Andrew Cook has built so many weapons throughout the years. His YT channel is filled with all of his creations. A lot of the weapons he creates are from Fortnite, considering it’s one of the biggest games on the planet right now. But when Apex Legends came out, Andrew found a new love. It only made sense that he would be making replicas of the weapons found in Apex Legends. Well, he recently finished a bunch which he took to social media to share with the community.

The weapons look amazing, enough to even get a reaction from Respawn Entertainment themselves.

Both @Respawn and @PlayApex retweeted his work of art. As of this writing, the post has garnered over 2.5k likes and 370 retweets. Andrew’s next weapon will be the Peacekeeper (shotgun), which is one of the most popular weapons in the game because of its power. Many fans reacted saying, “Can’t wait” and “This will be so good“. Andrew is definitely one talented artist, and for him to catch the attention of Respawn is quite special.

Andrew Cook DFT Weapon Replica Prop Artist Fortnite Apex Legends
Source: twitter.com/AndrewCookDFT

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