Apex Legends Death Boxes Are Getting Fixed

Apex Legends Death Box Is Getting Fixed
Respawn Entertainment continues to take strides in improving Apex Legends. The company has its own schedule for updates. Thankfully, they did not try to take the same road with PUBG and update the game every week. That would have been problematic because Apex Legends already had a ton of problems in the beginning. However, we saw improvements here and there and especially resolutions towards the hacker problem. That problem was massive and there was a time where we could not finish a game without getting lasered across the map. Of course, Season 3 of Apex Legends is much better, and the game is headed in the right direction.

Apex Legends Improvements

There have been some significant improvements with Apex Legends this season. However, maybe one of the most wanted improvements is coming. Apex Legends is fixing the death box issue finally. Players wanted a fix since the beginning of the game. Right now, when you are looting and someone takes a shot at you, your looting screen closes immediately. This makes it a bit of a problem because after most firefights you are out of bullets, especially in the early game. This is due to Apex Legends characters requiring 2-3 magazines on average to down. Since you need to use so many bullets it is extremely frustrating to not able to loot in a matter of life and death.

Apex Legends Black Friday

Apex Legends fans wanted this for a while and it will improve quality of life in-game. In other news, Apex Legends Black Friday event is coming. This will not have TDM like the Fight or Fright event but there will be some discounts on some popular items in the store. Just like that, you would expect from a Black Friday sale. Apex Legends is improving for sure. But the recent leaks must make them worried because if the rumors are true CoD Modern Warfare Battle Royale can be a free-to-play game and that will make a considerable opponent for the current Battle Royale games in general.

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